I’ve been a bad blogger

Saturday 9/5/15


If you are still reading my blog, thank you! I have been a bad blogger this year. Here is a quick history of my blog: I started my blog in 2011 and it was a sad little blog that started to get better in 2012. In April 2013 I attended a fun Boston Blogger event that inspired me to blog twice a week. Yes, at one time during 2013 I was posting twice a week! A post on Tuesday covering trends and a Saturday post covering things I’ve done. In 2014 my posts were still coming along but not quite as much as 2013. It was still a decent year for the blog. So, what happened this year? I’m not sure. I’ve attended some great blogger events and classes and really wanted to update the blog but now I realize the last post I wrote was in January. Ugh! I’m not a blogger that gets paid for my posts, yet. So there wasn’t any financial incentive to write and my daily job has also kept me busy. I’m sorry if you’ve missed my posts, I do miss writing them. I guess now that it is back to school time and almost fall, it is a good time to get the posts going again.

Here are some upcoming posts I have planned:

  • Summer weddings and using Rent the Runway
  • Fall trends
  • Shopping deals during your birthday month
  • My first triathlon

I’m still working on creating a blog schedule and maybe even a newsletter. Stay tuned and thank you again for reading!

I have been active on social media this year. Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Vine @LSofFashionista. I also have a Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/lifestyleofafashionista

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