Hello! Welcome to my blog! Thank you for visiting! My blog is a fashion and lifestyle blog.

The fashion:

I am obsessed with fashion. I read fashion magazines, I have a large collection at home, I rip out pages with pictures of clothing pieces or outfits that inspire me. I observe people everywhere; on the street, in the movies, and on television. I look at every detail of the outfits that I like and I then create my own looks based on my observations.  I often make it my mission to shop for a certain piece or trend that I want to try. I love shopping, online and in stores. I truly belief in retail therapy.

Lifestyle: The best thing about finding the perfect outfit is sharing it with the world! I enjoying traveling with family and friends. I’m always up for trying a new restaurant or activity. Sometimes, I get to attend a fun event or two.

Lifestyle of a fashionista is about fashion and style and the things and people who inspire me. My structure includes short pieces that highlight a trend, an outfit, people on the street, as well as other inspirations. I write about life events, my travels, and things to do in and around Boston.

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