Golden Globes

I need to talk about the dresses worn to Golden Globes award show on Sunday Jan. 15, 2012. Overall I loved most of the dresses. My favorite looks were: Angelina Jolie, Kate Winslet, Helen Mirren, and Kate Beckinsale. I liked the red accents on Angelina’s outfit, the purse, the dress, and the lips. She selected a draped… Continue reading Golden Globes

Shopping on your smartphone

The New York Times has inspired another blog entry with an article titled, Mobile Deals Set to Lure Shoppers Stuck in Line. This article is about finding deals that are only available by using your phone. I will pass only the tips from this article as well as discuss which stores/sites let you shop from… Continue reading Shopping on your smartphone

Online shopping- flash sales

  The November 6th Sunday NY Times style section had an article titled, Bargain Hunters, Hold That Click, about shopping online flash sales. This has inspired me to write about online shopping, specifically sites that have these flash sales.  Why shop at these sites? These sites have great deals on certain high end brand names. If… Continue reading Online shopping- flash sales

Fall Trends

It is my favorite time of year.  The nights are getting cooler, the leaves are changing colors, and the September fashion magazines are for sale.  There are two times of year when the giant fashion issues come out, in the fall and in the spring. These issues typically correspond with the fall and spring fashion… Continue reading Fall Trends