Do you have the same style?

My question of the day is as follows: Do people who date and /or hang out have similar styles? Looking around at couples on the street, it does look like most couples have similar styles. One example: the preppy look with the man in red Nantucket shorts and the woman in a Vineyard Vines outfit.… Continue reading Do you have the same style?

Favorite outfit

I believe that when a person looks good, they feel good. That statement is definitely true with me. I love it when an outfit I have chosen looks great; this puts me in a great mood. I also enjoy the compliments that come from a well chosen outfit. Who doesn’t love a nice compliment? I can remember… Continue reading Favorite outfit

Hello fashionistas!

Welcome to Susan’s Syle Blog! So, what is this blog all about? Style choices, observations, shopping tips, and general fashion talk.  I love fashion. According to, fashion (noun)  is “a prevailing custom or style of dress, etiquette, socializing, etc.”  I love to flip through the pages of Vogue magazine, InStyle, etc. I love just… Continue reading Hello fashionistas!