Hello fashionistas!

Welcome to Susan’s Syle Blog!

So, what is this blog all about? Style choices, observations, shopping tips, and general fashion talk.  I love fashion. According to dictionary.com, fashion (noun)  is “a prevailing custom or style of dress, etiquette, socializing, etc.”  I love to flip through the pages of Vogue magazine, InStyle, etc. I love just observing what people wear.

I observe people on the street, as well as people in the movies or on television.  I enjoy looking at the details of an outfit: a scarf, a bag, a piece of jewelry, or shoes. I can recognize most big brand name bags and shoes. I cannot always tell if they are authentic. Living in Boston, I see a variety of outfits. (Some outfits I would not choose but I would like to focus on the outfits I LIKE in this blog)

One thought on “Hello fashionistas!

  1. Hello Susan! I’m so excited to see this project and I can’t wait to join you for the style adventures ahead! Agreed. As you noted the cross body bag is my bag of choice these days. I love to wear it for the casual look and ease of wearing it. It’s one of those fashions that I think can really work as a look for all sorts of people. I also really like it in the summer months because with finer fabrics in summer clothes your shoulders aren’t padded at all and the bigger shoulder bags can really pull and become uncomfortable. One thing I noticed too is that it’s important to be aware of the size of the cross body bag in relation to your own body shape. A cross body bag that sits too high on the side or so low it’s slapping you in the leg is just silly looking not to mention uncomfortable.

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