Do you have the same style?

My question of the day is as follows: Do people who date and /or hang out have similar styles? Looking around at couples on the street, it does look like most couples have similar styles. One example: the preppy look with the man in red Nantucket shorts and the woman in a Vineyard Vines outfit.  Another: the woman in heels and a well put together outfit and the man in a nice suit. The worst (in my opinion) couple I saw dressed alike were in line at the Boston Aquarium recently. The man had these leopard print sweat shorts on with a funky top and the woman had on a funky outfit as well. I am all for people dressing in an outfit that makes you feel good about yourself but I can’t get over those leopard shorts! Yuck! The second part of the question is can you change a person’s style?

I like the way my friends and family dress and wouldn’t change their styles.  I enjoy checking out their outfits and getting ideas on how to wear a scarf or how to accessorize an outfit. There are lots of places to find ideas on how to put together a great outfit.

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