Can men be stylish?

George Clooney at the 2009 Venice Film Festival
Image via Wikipedia

Anyone who says men can’t be stylish is wrong. Most men are not working the same amount of accessories as women but men can add their own touches such as a vest, sunglasses, a tie that can take an outfit to another level. I think dressing is easier for men than it is for women. The question might be does this jacket go with this tie? Do I need to iron this shirt/pants? Is this shirt dirty? I am making generalizations here, I know that. I thought it would be appropriate to follow-up my couples entry with an entry about how men can be stylish.

I am sitting in Starbucks now looking at the men and their outfits. There is one guy wearing a striped button down, a nice touch. There is a guy in a tight black shirt speaking French. Then there is a guy in khakis and a polo shirt. The women around these men have added scarves, or cute rain boots to their outfits.

So I am challenging my men friends and relatives to step up their style at least once a week, if you are not already doing this. I know some men do take more time to put outfits together and I want to let you know that women appreciate this effort.

Check out the GQ slide show attachment/article: The 50 Most Stylish Men of the Past 50 Years. And what you can learn from them. Published October 2007

This article shows celebrities and their styles and then gives you tips at the end. For example: The simpler the better. You don’t need bold patterns or loud colors to make a style statement. A perfect-fitting T-shirt and a great pair of black wraparound shades will do just fine.

There are 50 slides to look through but I strongly recommend taking the time to look at them. It is a fun read about celebrities (actors, rock stars, fashion designers, athletes) including Bowie, Elvis, Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, and George Clooney. Celebrities usually look good; they have stylists and PR people working with them. Men if you are going to accept my challenge to bring on the style, read these tips. I enjoyed reading them and I kind of wish there was an article like that for women. I am going to do some research…

Here is the link:

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