Fall Trends

It is my favorite time of year.  The nights are getting cooler, the leaves are changing colors, and the September fashion magazines are for sale.  There are two times of year when the giant fashion issues come out, in the fall and in the spring. These issues typically correspond with the fall and spring fashion shows. I LOVE the giant issues! I subscribe to Vogue so that one comes in the mail and then I usually buy one or two other fashion magazines. This year I bought the September issue of People Style Watch. I have never read this magazine and I was pleasantly surprised by the content. This magazine not only covered the fall trends and places to buy the key pieces but it shows you celebrities’ outfits and how you can copy the look for less. I strongly recommend this magazine.

Speaking of fall trends… Here are the trends I have read about in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and People Style Watch.

  1. Bold colors– some magazines recommend a coat or jacket but you can add color using several pieces. Express has an ad with a model wearing a red coat for $198 and red pencil skirt for $59.90. Express and Victoria’s Secret both have red wide leg pants for $69.50. Express also has clutches, shirts, blazers, and belts all in bold red for a variety of prices. Of course you can find bold colors from a variety of designers at a variety of stores. Michael Kors and Prada had red pieces featured in Harper’s Bazaar. Pick your favorite designer and/or store and you will find something.
  2. Luxe ponyhair and python– Luxe ponyhair can be found mostly on bags. There two ads for a purse with this feature: Calvin Klein and Talbots. Python is in all of the magazines on bags, shoes, belts, and jewelry for a variety of prices. Real python is going to cost you more like the Emm Kuo “Westbourne” python and suede cross body bag featured in People’s Style Watch for $1,250. (The big name designers have these types of bags with prices from $2,000 and up). MICHEAL Michael Kors has belts, and jewelry with python accents that are reasonably priced. For the bargain hunters you want to buy faux python. Nine West has heels with accents for $89, Olivia + Joy has a bag called “big spender” for $88, and Ivanka Trump has a bag for $150.
  3. Southwestern prints – look for skirts, dresses, jackets in fun prints. Target’s Missoni line would work if it didn’t sell out the first day it was released!
  4. Feminine menswear-plaid is popular look for pants and skirts with fun patterns. You can also take a traditional suit and add a tie-neck blouse. A lot of designers carry these blouses from Marc Jacobs to H & M. The pencil skirt is another popular look.
  5. Chunky cable knits– there are a variety of these sweaters available in different styles. You can find one at madwell.com for $98. I recommend this website for shopping. I have bought some great pieces for reasonable prices.
  6. Heeled loafers– these shoes are featured in almost every fashion magazine. JCPenny and H &M have them for $49. Several other brands and stores have other versions as well. This trend should be easy to find.
  7. Dresses: sheath and midi. I like the sheath dress. DKNY has a nice one for $295. Talbots has one for $199. I believe this is a timeless trend that is worth spending more money on.
  8. Metal choker collar necklaces. Ann Taylor has a silver one for $58 and Arden B has a gold one for $29.
  9. Structured bags – boxy shapes in a variety of colors. Again, find this trend at your favorite store or by your favorite designers.
  10. Mixed materialsfur (real or faux) is in. There are vests and jackets with fur collars. Some ads I saw with this trend: DKNY, Ann Taylor, Donna Karen, and Ann Taylor Loft. This is another easy to find trend. I actually have a faux fur vest that was given to me as a gift several years ago. Some trends disappear and come back again.
  11. Other things I’ve seen and like: Boots with straps and buckles, tortoise patterns, floppy hats, and lace accents.

Buying trendy pieces should be fun. Find pieces that you like that look good on you. Not every trend works for everyone.  

Happy Shopping!!

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