Timeless Pieces

ingrid's birkin
Image by Yvette Ilagan via Flickr

One of my current tasks is to clean up and organize my closet. This should be done at the change of each season but is really done once or twice a year. Cleaning out a closet can be a daunting task. The question of what to keep and what to toss is difficult.  All of this leads me to the question: what makes a piece timeless?

There are timeless brands, typically the high end brands. A Chanel suit and purse will never go out of style. Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Dior, and Burberry all have timeless pieces. A Burberry trench will always look good. On the last episode of Fashion Hunters (on Bravo, follows the owners of Second
Time Around) the store owners had a Hermes Birkin purse party.  A Kelly bag that was several years old sold for $9.500. If you have the money, buy one (or two) of these pieces. They are a good investment.

The key to identifying a timeless piece is how much you love it. Whether you buy a Louis Vuitton bag or a little black dress from Ann Taylor you must love the way it looks. If you love the fit, you will feel like you have to have the piece. This doesn’t necessarily happen with every piece you purchase. Recognize those feelings when you shop.

Buying trendy items can be risky because some styles fade quickly. If you have a trendy item that you love, you can wear it after the trend is gone. Most people don’t care if they are wearing a trend that is no longer in style. If you do care, check with friends and family members about an outfit or piece. Also, keep looking at what celebrities are wearing. I sometimes buy one piece similar to one I’ve seen on a celebrity. Items such as scarves, bags, jeans, or a shirt are easy to replicate. Fashion magazines also provide inspiration. Even if you can’t afford the brand name, you can find a similar piece at the stores you shop in. If you see a picture in a magazine of an outfit you like rip it out, this makes finding it easier.

Bottom line: you know what looks good on you. When wearing your favorite pieces you receive tons of compliments or you just feel better. Don’t throw away pieces that make you feel good unless there is a hole or stain. You do have to let go of damaged pieces. It hurts to do so sometimes but it must be done!

So go ahead and keep those pieces that make you feel good.

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