Online shopping- flash sales


The November 6th Sunday NY Times style section had an article titled, Bargain Hunters, Hold That Click, about shopping online flash sales. This has inspired me to write about online shopping, specifically sites that have these flash sales.  Why shop at these sites? These sites have great deals on certain high end brand names. If you are interested in name brands you definitely need to check these sites out.  I am going to talk about the ones I’ve used. I have used Gilt, Rue La La, and Ideeli. All have a variety of items from clothing (for men, women, and children) and accessories to home goods. These sites have sales on certain brands for a limited time. The sales have a start and an end time. The problem with these sites is that some inventory sells out fast.  My favorite Gilt purchase was the pair of Burberry flats I bought a few years ago.  According to the NY Times article Gilt doesn’t always offer the best deal. The writer found a Kate Spade bag on Gilt for $169 plus shipping and then found the same bag at Kate Spade site for $130. You want to do some research before buying a big ticket item. Last week Gilt had Hunter boots starting at $79. I searched online and most sites list them at $125. These types of items sell out quickly. I haven’t used Ideeli  and Rue La La as much but both work the same way. You have to create an account on these sites. Sign up your email and create a password. You will daily emails from Gilt and Ideeli but you can always delete them right away if you are not interested in the brands that are on sale. These sites are great for buying trendy pieces and statement pieces.

Gilt and Rue La La also have another cool link where you can find special deals and events in your city. For example I went on a dinner cruise with a special concert by Travie McCoy. They also offer discounts on local services. Check them out!!

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