Mad Men at Banana Republic

Have you missed Don Draper, Joan, Penny, Roger, Betty, and the creative team at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce? The return of Mad Men is quickly approaching. Season five finally begins on AMC on March 25, 2012 at 9 PM est. In honor of the drama filled with smoking, crying, sleeping around and drinking martinis I would like to talk about the Mad Men collection at Banana Republic.

Here is the link to the site: There are pieces for men and women. I bought this Joan dress in the store.


There are fun tops, sweaters, and dresses for women as well as some nice accessories. I love this collection! The men’s collection has suits, golf shirts, ties and of course fedoras. Definitely check it out before the pieces sellout.

Also fun to check out a Mad Men collection runway show on a flight from JFK to LAX. Here is the link to the article:

Lastly, if you like the Mad Men look in makeup Estee Lauder has a Mad Men collection as well. Here is the link:!/mad-men/3

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