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This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Blog Better Boston style summit hosted by two fabulous bloggers, Amy and Alana. At this event I was able to network with other bloggers as well as take some informative classes about blogging and photography.

BBBos-3925-L[1] The day started with this fun pic that made me feel like a celebrity.

photo from David Brooks Photography

may pics 023

Then we were able to mingle with other bloggers and sponsors while enjoying light refreshments. The sponsors were: City Sports, LuLu’s, Lux Bond & Green, MiniLuxe, and Roster. I won a cute bow bracelet from LuLu’s after completing a trend scavenger hunt and received nail polish and a gift card from MinLuxe. I heard about this event thanks to Kelly, a classmate in a BCAE blogging class. I recognized some bloggers from websites I checked out before attending the conference. I also met up with a blogger (Emily) who I talked to when I worked at Banana Republic.

may pics 032 may pics 031 may pics 030

Trend spotting! Peachy in a floral dress, Holly with the specs, Noelle with the bright lips, and Agnes with chevron!Trend spotting was fun, I loved checking out all of the stylish outfits! These are some very stylish bloggers!

may pics 024 Alana and Amy

After a meet and greet by the hosts we were directed to our classes. The classes I attended were: photography 1 by Christine of Hunts, Media Kit Creation by Teekuh, Finding Your Voice through Instagram by Smita, Working with Brands by Kristen, Developing a Content Calendar by Julie, and Simple Design Elements to Enhance your Blog by Alison. The instructors were fantastic! Check out their blogs, I am very impressed by their websites and the advice they provided was very helpful. I was greatly inspired by their accomplishments! I learned a lot in these classes and I decided I need to make some changes to my blog. I walked away with new blog ideas and a swag bag filled with fun products!

Here are some of my ideas: I want to narrow my focus and create a content calendar with some scheduled weekly posts. My weekly post ideas: 1- Tuesday Trenday, I will post pictures of current trends as well as places to buy them and 2- Saturday Street Styles, I will take pictures of outfits and post basic information about the people and their outfits. I also need to work on my tech skills and I have changes to make including adding links to other webpages. I really enjoyed meeting everyone and I would like to try to keep up communications with other Boston bloggers. I’ve discovered that the blogging community is friendly and helpful. I will try to use Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter more often. I just signed up to bloglovin to keep track of the bloggers I follow. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

The pictures were taken by David Brooks Photography

The Boston Globe Facebook Page: also has pictures

Here are links to other Blog Better Boston posts (my goal is to have links to these blogs and more on my blog):

One of the hosts: Alana

Kelly Peachy, Holly, Kaitlin, Smita, Amanda, Christine, JUGS, Allie, Emily, Georgina, Alyssa, Agnes, Elissa, and Georgina

may pics 035

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