Tuesday Trend Day: overalls

overall 93 1 Stacy in the floral overall shorts. Spring Break 1992.

Some trends of the 90s are back! It’s true. Here is an article about the top 90s trends: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/04/09/90s-fashion-trends_n_3040200.html  I remember these trends well. I graduated St. Bonaventure University in 1993; I am attending my 20 year reunion this weekend. Scary but fun! In honor of my reunion and graduation date, today’s post is about one of those trends from the 90s: Overalls.

I recently saw a woman wearing the shorts overalls with a pink tee. She looked cute but I’m not sold on this trend yet. I haven’t seen anyone in full length overalls yet. I will show you some styles I found and you can make the call on purchasing this trend. I shopped at Piperlime, Nordstrom, ShopBop, and Macy’s.

Here are some pictures of my friends sporting this trend back in 1993.

overall 93 2 Christine and Kathleen. An early “who wore it better”?! How cute are they with the matching pink tees?!

overall 93 3 Me, Andrea, Becky, Nina, Kathleen, and Lauren. We are all wearing denim at Matt Hopkins’ party!

Shopping results:


overalls 2

When styling this trend you can wear it with a tee-shirt, long sleeve shirt, or a sleeveless shirt. Don’t forget to wear your jelly shoes in order to complete that 90s look!

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Trend Day: overalls

  1. I’m not really sure that the overall trend should make a comeback! Love the 90’s pictures!!!

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