Saturday Street Style: Buckhead Boutique Shopping (part 1)

79 039 Georgia Peaches

When: July 6, 2013

Where: Atlanta

Last week I traveled to Atlanta for the 4th of July Peachtree Road Race. I once lived in the Atlanta area, several years ago. I have run in this race 11 times now. Running in the Peachtree is an Atlanta traditional. If you’ve lived in Atlanta and you are a runner, you’ve run in this race. 55,000 people ran in it this year. I love this Atlanta tradition and it had been four years since I last ran it and was able to visit friends and family in the area.

The race was great. The predicted rain held off producing perfect running conditions. I was able to meet up with my cousin Jen after the race at the Park Tavern. Nothing like drinking beer at 10:30 AM after a 10 K run! I had a great time.

Here are some pictures from before and after the run:

79 028 79 034 79 036  79 049

On Friday and Saturday I stayed with my high school friend, Kimberley and her family in the Buckhead area. If you are not familiar with Atlanta, the Buckhead area is a nice neighborhood very close to downtown Atlanta. There are two popular malls in the area, Lenox and Phipps Plaza. The start of the Peachtree is in this area. There are also lots of boutiques. This neighborhood is the origin of my Saturday Street Style post.

Kimberley, her three daughters and I ventured out for breakfast and birthday present shopping late Saturday morning. We had a delicious breakfast at  Buttermilk Kitchen then we headed to some Buckhead boutiques to find a present for Kimberley’s mom. There are definite differences between southern and northern styles but I find that some looks and trends work in the north and in the south. Our shopping mostly took place in boutiques that sold home furnishing and home decor but some stores had some clothes and jewelry as well.

Our first stop was Swoozie. Swoozie’s at Chastain Square Mon-Sat 10-7; Sun 12-6

4285 Roswell Road, Suite 10
Atlanta, Georgia 30342  P: 404-252-7979

We shopped their 50% Fourth of July sale and saw these adorable cups. We purchased these cute bathing suit travel bags with plastic lining. There are many cute products at this store, napkins and cups with cute sayings, cute home décor items, totes, Vera Bradley products, invitations, and LOTS of monogram products. I’ve been seeing a lot of monogram necklaces lately in the Boston area but apparently they have been around for years in the south. I love them! But the monograms don’t stop at the jewelry; you can get almost anything monogrammed. Too cute! I liked this store a lot; it had a lot of items that made me miss living in the south (a little). I also bought a carry on travel bag for my small liquids. Check out their website for more information.

79 075 79 076  79 078 79 079 79 081 79 082 79 083 79 085 79 086

Erika Reed was our second stop. This boutique had mostly nice home décor such as table settings, furniture, accent pieces but they also sold products for kids, as well as jewelry and clothing. I bought a notebook with a folder as a cover. I needed something to carry my CVS coupons and rewards. I always forget them at home. This notebook can easily fit in my bag.

79 091 79 092 79 094 79 098 79 100 79 101 79 104   79 107 79 109 79 110  79 112 

  Elizabeth with her bunny, she wasn’t leaving without it!

Our next stop was in the same shopping center, a place called BD Jefferies.

Powers Ferry Square
3736-B Roswell Road Atlanta, Georgia 30342

Hours of Operation:
Mon-Fri 10am – 6pm
Sat 10am – 5pm

This shop also had a lot of home décor items but I would say more on the earthly side. There were coasters and accent pieces made of wood as well as a lot of leather products.

79 120 79 121 79 122 79 123 79 124 79 125 79 127 79 128 79 129

Our last shopping stop was at Peridot.  According to their website they have “a vast assortment of gifts and furnishings.” I would agree with that statement. There is a nice selection of jewelry, some clothing, candles, home décor and even a fun candy section where I bought some treats for my nieces (and one treat for myself).

79 133 79 134 79 136 79 137 79 138 79 139 79 140 79 141

That was the end of our shopping trip and part one of my Saturday street style post. Part two is about the last place we visited, the Atlanta Humane Society.

Pictures of my purchases:

P  79 146

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