Tuesday Trend Day: Cape Preppy

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I love summertime in New England. Most days the weather is pleasant and perfect for hanging out at the beach. Living in Boston I can easily take trips to local beaches in the north shore or the south shore. I prefer the Gloucester beaches but I haven’t had the chance to travel there yet this summer. I did have the opportunity to travel to the cape this week.  Trips to the cape from Boston can be fairly quick if there is no traffic. I headed down to Falmouth late Monday morning with my friend Sara to visit our friend Peggy. The trip went quickly and we arrived in time to have a late lunch with Peggy’s family and our friend Pam at The Boathouse.

731 013Sara, Peggy, Pam and I at The Boathouse. Notice Peggy’s Lily Pulitzer koozies and purse!

After lunch we did some shopping that inspired my Tuesday trend day topic: Cape Preppy. Growing up in the 80s I owned a lot of preppy clothes and even own the Preppy Handbook!

may pics 042

Two brands come to mind when I think of the cape, Lilly Pulitzer and Vineyard Vines.

Here is Peggy modeling her Jack Rogers sandals, Vineyard Vines shorts with her Lilly Pulitzer top and purse:


In The Pink and Puritan Cape Cod are the two shops we visited that carried these brands.


In the Pink is a Lilly Pulitzer signature store. http://shop.inthepinkonline.com/ There are lots of products with my favorite preppy color combination, pink and green. This store carries a variety of nice dresses, shirts, shorts, scarves, jewelry and accessories. I purchased Lilly koozies, Peggy purchased an adorable Lilly planner, and Pam purchased a cute dress.

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Puritan Cape Cod http://puritancapecod.com/ has tons of Vineyard Vines products. I love the Vineyard Vines brand.

731 125 731 126 731 127 731 135731 128 731 129

Other cape preppy brands and styles (including Jack Rogers, Vera Bradley, Longchamp, and Hunter)

731 130  731 132 731 133 731 134  731 136 731 137 731 138731 124

If you travel to the cape you will definitely see many people wearing these brands and this style. Another brand you will see is Black Dog. There was a Black Dog store in Falmouth. The Black Dog is a restaurant on Martha’s Vineyard (featured in the new pseudo reality show called the Vineyard on ABC family) http://www.theblackdog.com/

731 077  731 079 731 080

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