Tuesday Trend Day: Best of 2013

I have enjoyed observing and writing about trends this past year for this weekly post . For the last Tuesday Trend Day of 2013 I would like to share my favorite trends of 2013 featured in my blog. I will continue to wear these trends in 2014.

#10: Leopard Print

leopard 1

#9: Chevron


#8: Graphic Tees

graphic tees

#7: Riding Boots

riding boots

#6: Mixing Prints

mixed prints 1

#5: Stacked Rings


#4: Boyfriend Watch

boyfriend watch women macys

#3: Statement Earrings

statement earrings

#2: Maxi Dress

maxi piperlime

#1: Stacked Bracelets


One thought on “Tuesday Trend Day: Best of 2013

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