Tuesday Trend Day: the winter parka

Another week and we are experiencing yet another polar vortex that has inspired my topic for today. Something to help you stay warm during this cold spell: the winter parka. There are a lot of winter coat options to help you stay warm. I have a down coat that is my go to item when the temperatures dip below 20 degrees. I’ve been seeing a lot people dealing with the cold by wearing parkas with a patch on the arm so I decided to do some research on parkas.

I looked up the definition of a parka:


1. A hooded fur outer garment worn in the Arctic, originally of pullover design but now generally having a front closure.

2. A coat or jacket with a hood and usually a warm lining for cold-weather wear.

The patch I keep seeing: (image from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canada_Goose_(clothing)


The parka with the patch is Canadian Goose. Here is information about this company: http://www.canada-goose.com/story

Founded in a small warehouse in Toronto, Canada, over fifty years ago, Canada Goose has since grown to be recognized internationally as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of extreme weather outerwear.

A list of retailers carrying these jackets: http://www.canada-goose.com/retailer/

These jackets are expensive but if you live in an area with a cold winter it might be worth spending the money. Other brands have less expensive versions of the parka.


1-Saks: Canada Goose Chateau Parka $695.00

2-Canada Goose MontebelloParka Women’s $650.00 at SkiCenter.com

Other options:

3-The North Face Coat, Gotham Hooded Faux-Fur-Trim Puffer  $171.99  at Macys

4-The North Face $592.61 at ASOS.com

5-The North Face $399.00 at DrJays.com

6-ASOS Fur Hooded Detachable Lined Parka $138.89

7-Carhartt Parka With Removeable Faux Fur Trim And Lining $324.08

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