Tuesday Trend Day: stylish glasses

I’m going to take a break from highlighting winter clothing and focus on a necessary accessory: glasses. I am near sighted and have needed to wear contacts or glasses since high school. I mostly wear my contacts and only recently updated my glasses style (10 years later!) I choose a larger dark frame that you might categorize as nerdy cool. The larger style of the 80s has returned in a way.

Here is a post about nerdy cool: http://americantaitai.com/2012/07/10/since-when-did-nerd-become-cool/

When shopping for glasses online I saw lots of fun, stylish frames. Feel free to pick a frame with some color or go simple with minimal frames. The websites I shopped at include Warby Parker, Glasses.com, and LensCrafters. I bought mine from glasses.com but tried them on before buying. Warby Parker and Glasses.com will let you try on a few pairs at home.

This is the style of my glasses: Smith Clancy



Here are some of the styles I found online. You should definitely try on a pair before buying and shop with a friend of family member to help you choose the best style. Friends and family will be honest with you about how the glasses look.


Warby Parker

Try 5 for free

Buy a pair, give a pair program


1-Walker CANTON BLUE $95


3-Ellsworth BRUSHED PLATINUM $145


Try 4 for free

Search by face shape

4-Steve Madden ST019 $129.00

5-DKNY DY5632  $128.00

6-True Religion Demi  $137.00

Lenscrafter (these are expensive but I love the Tiffany glasses!)

7-TIFFANY TF2090H $320.00

8-TIFFANY TF2090H $320.00

9-COACH HC6043 $188.00

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