Saturday Street Style: SuperLux Theater

When: Saturday February 22, 2014

Where: Showcase SuperLux movie theater Chestnut Hill


This past February I was on a movie watching binge in order to see all of the Oscar nominated movies. I went to see the Wolf of Wall Street at the SuperLux theater in Chestnut Hill. There are several Lux theaters outside of Boston but this one is SuperLux because not only does it have the fancy leather reclining chairs but you can order food and drinks to be served to you at your seat.


Available at this SuperLux:


Our most premium seating takes “sit back and relax” to the next level.  Enjoy an extra-wide, super plush leather seat that electronically allows you to fully recline with your feet up!  Guests seated in SuperLux seats will enjoy full food and beverage service throughout the movie. Each seat is equipped with a server call button so your server is always there when you need them. Ticket price is $28 which includes a $5 food and beverage voucher and unlimited, free popcorn.

Our Age Admittance Policy for SuperLux seating is as follows:. For shows starting before 6pm, persons under 14 must be accompanied by someone 18 or older. For shows starting 6pm or later, SuperLux seating is 21 or older.


LuxLite is our more casual level, offering lighter fare. The LuxLite extra-wide, reclining, plush leather seat offers extreme comfort.  Guests seated in LuxLite seats will enjoy food and beverage service delivered to their seats prior to the start of the movie. Ticket price is $20, which includes a $5 food and beverage voucher. Plan to arrive 20 minutes prior to the start of the movie to fully enjoy the experience.

Our Age Admittance Policy for LuxLite seating is as follows: For shows starting before 6pm, there are no restrictions. For shows starting 6pm or later, persons under 14 must be accompanied by someone 18 or older.


Before catching the latest movie release enjoy a signature cocktail designed by our SuperLux mixologist.  The SuperLux Lounge offers a complete full service bar and a wide range of innovative appetizers, signature salads, flatbread pizzas, sandwiches and wraps and more.

– See more at:

Unfortunately, I arrived a little late. I hadn’t been to Chestnut Hill in a long time and I forget how long it takes to get there. I was taken to my SuperLux leather seat, I settled in, and I looked over the menu. I ordered a blood mary, the truffle fries, and the buffalo chicken spring rolls. I also ordered my free popcorn. The food was delicious and I ordered a glass of wine after I finished my first drink. This was the perfect theater to watch a long movie in. The chairs were super comfortable, the service was great, and the food and drinks were tasty. This SuperLux experience is expensive compared to regular movie theaters but I think it is worth the money.


I’m glad I saw Wolf of Wall Street before the Academy Awards. Leonardo DiCaprio’s performance was outstanding. I can also understand the controversy surrounding this movie. Many of the scenes were disturbing but I thought overall it was a good movie. It is too bad that DiCarprio missed out on an Oscar yet again but Matthew McConaughey’s performance was hard to beat.


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