Vega Vitality

Blogger event:

February 21, 2016

Vega Vitality

551 Boylston Street, 4th Floor


As a member of the Boston Blogger Facebook group I often come along an invitation to a local event. Lisa Jean-Francois posted about an event at Vega Vitality. I’m in the process of added to and changing the format of my blog so this event piqued my interest.

Lisa and I

I arrived at the event just as everyone in the group was introducing themselves. Two of the women are the co-founders, Stephanie Moore and Ashley Hilmes.


Stephanie is a doctor and Ashley is a registered nurse. Read their bios for more information.

Also at this event: the yoga instructor, Pilates instructor, eyelash expert, Reiki expert, and one other service provider. I met with four out of the five.

There was a very nice spread of food and drinks for the attendees. I had some prosecco, cheese and crackers, fruit, and a macaroon. I mingled a little with the other bloggers, walked around to check out the rooms, and talked with some of the service providers.


We were given a nice swag bag at the end of the event.

This group has a really nice set up. There is a comfortable waiting area with artwork created by co-founder Ashley. All of the room had a very comfortable feel.

The two front rooms facing Copley Square are used for yoga and Pilates. The back rooms are for the other services.


Katelyn Foley is the Pilates instructor. She has been an instructor for several years. She provides private lessons. Katelyn Foley Pilates


Hallie Dumont is the yoga instructor. She conducts small group classes, individual, and duet yoga sessions. The duet session is for couples, friends, co-workers, etc. These are some of her favorite classes to teach. She like to see how couples and friends interact as they practice yoga together.

“I specialize in pre and postnatal yoga as well as couple yoga (this is by far my favorite to work with friends, husbands and wives, etc.) it’s so special to me to be a part of an intimate relationship. Throughout the sessions my duet clients are sharing, competing, but are generally at their most vulnerable because there is nothing-no place that they have to be but with me. And in that space and that hour session, it is time for them to connect with their body, mind and spouse (or friend). I’m there to facilitate and teach but I get to observe these relationships and that fulfills me.”

Here is a link to her website:


Tara is the Reiki expert and healer. She helps promote balance in the body. Here is a link to the benefits of Reiki services:


Cherise is the lash expert. She provides lash extensions. She had her own studio for more than eight years before she joined Vega Vitality. The lash extensions last for several weeks. Many of her clients use her services for special events but she also said she has clients who prefer the look of the extensions and keep them as part of their daily look. Extensions make your eyes pop and can help you look younger. You do have come in for replacements about once a month. Elite Lash studio: and social media @elitelashstudio


Ashley is a wellness director who provides the following services: Skin consultations, botox, dermal fillers, medical grade skin peels, facials, anti-aging treatments using microneedling and platelet rich plasma, Kybella, hair restoration for the scalp using microneedling and platelet rich plasma.

Dr. Stephanie Moore: Functional Medicine: Functional Medicine is a new way of practicing medicine, which emphasizes treatment of the root cause of disease rather than masking symptoms with pharmaceuticals.  It is a return to thoughtful, personalized medicine, which takes the entire patient into consideration and allows for patient and doctor to develop a trusting relationship in order to devise a treatment plan as a team.  Over the past 30+ years, medicine has become increasingly rushed, doctors are forced to shorten visits and they barely know the patients they are treating.  Functional medicine is a kind of “slow medicine” in which time, care and good medicine prevail. Both patients and doctors benefit from this shift to a more common sense approach, which emphasizes preventive care and optimal health.  Some refer to this type of medicine as Wholistic, Holistic, Alternative, Eastern, but this is not exactly correct.  Many alternative or Eastern medical approaches that have proven efficacy are employed in Functional Medicine, and many functional medicine providers do recommend herbs, supplements, acupuncture & meditation as medical therapies.  Functional Medicine is more of a bridge between the world of traditional Western Medicine, recent medical discoveries (eg. medical genomics) and the ancient wisdom of Eastern Medicine.

Pricing is available upon request. All practitioners can be contacted via

Stephanie said they are hoping to marry beauty and wellness with their services.


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