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August 26, 2022

I’ve learned to love me. I’ve been like this my whole life and I embrace me. I love how I look. I am a full woman and I’m strong, and I’m powerful, and I’m beautiful at the same time.” — Serena Williams

One: Tennis Anyone?

The U.S. Open is in full swing. This week’s schedule includes qualifying matches; the official play begins on August 29th. US Open Schedule

Photo by Pete Staples/USTA

Serena Williams has announced that she will retire after this tournament. Read about her in Vogue, Serena Williams Says Farewell to Tennis On Her Own Terms—And In Her Own Words. She also had an interview with Megan Markle on her new podcast, Archetypes. “On the premiere episode of Markle’s new podcast series, the longtime friends sat down and talked about being labeled as “ambitious,” as well as how that ties into both of their lives and the way they’re perceived.” From the PureWow article, Serena Williams Posts Extremely Rare Photo with BFF Meghan Markle and Daughter Alexis Olympia  

I’ve recently been reading about a trend called Tenniscore. “Tenniscore is the blending of modern athleisure (like the popular Alo yoga tennis skirt) with a vintage country club aesthetic.” If You Liked The Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic, You’ll Love Tenniscore

I wrote about fashion in tennis and what pieces and styles are included in the tenniscore trend:

Two: What to watch

The US Open: US Open 2022: How to watch, seeds, schedule, scores, results for the final Grand Slam of the season



Me Time, (comedy) From Netflix, “Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg star with Regina Hall, Luis Gerardo Méndez and Jimmy O. Yang in this comedy from John Hamburg.”

Loving Adults, (drama) “Follows a couple who appear to be living the perfect life after their son is declared healthy following a long-term illness

Seoul Vibe, (Korean action) “This high-speed adventure’s all-star cast includes Yoo Ah-in, Ko Kyung-pyo, Lee Kyoo-hyung, Park Ju-hyun and Ong Seong-wu.

That’s Amor, (romance) From IMDb, “After her job and relationship implode on the same day, Sofia starts from scratch and meets a dashing Spanish chef who might be her missing ingredient.”

Photo : Everett Collection

Disobedience, (2017 romance/drama) From Variety, “Sebastian Lelio (the filmmaker behind Oscar winner “A Fantastic Woman” who will return to Netflix later this year with his Florence Pugh-starring TIFF premiere “The Wonder”) directs Rachel Weisz and Rachel McAdams in this striking, nuanced tale of same-sex love within the Orthodox Jewish community.


Mo, (8 episodes) From Netflix, “Living in Texas, Mo loses his job at a mobile store and looks for a new gig as his Palestinian family waits on their pending asylum request.”

Image: Netflix

Lost Ollie, (limited series, 4 episodes) From Google, “Lost Ollie is an American live action/computer animated miniseries created by Shannon Tindle. The series is based on the 2016 children’s book Ollie’s Odyssey by William Joyce.” The story from Netflix, “A patchwork rabbit with floppy ears and fuzzy memories embarks on an epic quest to find his best friend — the young boy he desperately loves.”

Under Fire, (drama, 10 episodes) From Netflix, “Firefighters must balance a dangerous job, personal challenges and professional setbacks.”

Ludik (crime drama, 6 episodes), From Netflix, “When his brother-in-law is kidnapped, furniture tycoon Daan Ludik is forced to put his secret diamond smuggling operation to a new use: the gun trade.”

Drive Hard: The Maloof Way (reality, 8 episodes) “The Maloofs, a lovable family of gearheads and stunt drivers, use their passion and skill to build car engines and perform wild feats behind the wheel.


Running with the Devil: The Wild World of John McAfee (film), Through raw, revealing footage and interviews with fugitive tech pioneer John McAfee, this documentary uncovers new layers of his wild years on the run.

Untold: The Rise and Fall of AND1, (series) Inspired by New York City streetball, influential brand AND1 turned local legends on the court into international icons. So why did it come to an end?

History 101, season 2 (series)


Image Source: HBO Max

House of Ho, (reality series, season 2, episodes released weekly)– “The Ho family’s luxurious life is examined in season two of the popular series.

Prime Video:

Untrapped: The Story of Lil Baby


Doc McStuffins: The Doc is 10!


The End Is Nye, (Series, episodes one through six); “if you’re seeking TV comfort food as the world falls apart, allow Bill Nye to walk you through some hypothetical disasters. Afterward, he’ll offer science-y explanations of how humanity can survive or even prevent them. It might make you feel just a bit more equipped for the apocalypse.” J.C. from New York Magazine

Everything I Know About Love, (season one, episodes one through seven). “follows a group of four friends as they encounter bad dates, heartaches and humiliations in 2012-set London.Everything I Know About Love Is Sure to Be Your New Favorite YA Series



Star Trek: Lower Decks (Season 3), Star Trek: Lower Decks follows the support crew working on the USS Cerritos — one of Starfleet’s least important ships. 


Suzanne Tenner/FX

The Patient (FX on Hulu – Priemeres August 30, episodes released weekly after the first two), “Therapist, Alan Strauss, is held prisoner by a patient, Sam Fortner, who reveals himself to be a serial killer.” Starring Steve Carell.

Little Demon, (FX on Hulu, season-one premiere), “An animated horror-comedy series centering on Laura, a reluctant mother who was impregnated by Satan 13 years ago, and Chrissy, her anti-Christ daughter who has just come into her demonic powers.

Apple TV+:

See, (season 3, episodes released weekly) “The final season of Apple’s post-apocalyptic epic, starring Jason Momoa, about a far-future world where humans have long since lost their sight.” 

In Theaters:

via Sony

The Invitation (horror, suspense), “A young woman is invited to a lavish wedding at a mysterious mansion in the English countryside where she is seduced by the handsome and duplicitous host. She soon uncovers his sinister intentions, sending her on a horrifying journey of self-discovery and survival.” From Fandango

Three Thousand Years of Longing (sci-fi drama), “Dr. Alithea Binnie (Tilda Swinton) is an academic – content with life and a creature of reason. While in Istanbul attending a conference, she happens to encounter a Djinn (Idris Elba) who offers her three wishes in exchange for his freedom. This presents two problems. First, she doubts that he is real and second, because she is a scholar of story and mythology, she knows all the cautionary tales of wishes gone wrong. The Djinn pleads his case by telling her fantastical stories of his past. Eventually she is beguiled and makes a wish that surprises them both.” Fandango

Breaking (drama), “When Marine Veteran Brian Brown-Easley is denied support from Veterans Affairs, financially desperate and running out of options, he takes a bank and several of its employees hostage, setting the stage for a tense confrontation with the police. Based on the true story.” Fandango

Jane (suspense/thriller), “When Olivia is deferred from her dream college she begins to spiral. To regain control, she embarks on a social media war against those in her way, but as things escalate, she is forced to embrace her darkest impulses to get ahead.Fandango

The Good Boss (dark comedy), “Bardem stars as the charismatic Blanco, a proprietor awaiting the imminent visit from a committee that will decide if they merit a local Business Excellence award. Working against the clock, Blanco pulls out all the stops to address and resolve issues with his employees, crossing every imaginable line in the process.Fandango

Three: What to wear

Cloud slippers– love or hate them; they are trending right now.

Cloud Slides Are TikTok’s Comfiest Shoe Trend, “These puffy, cloud-like shoes, generally made from rubber or Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (aka EVL), took off on TikTok, with popular influencers making videos that have racked up hundreds of thousands of views and likes discussing the shoes. The best cloud slides on Amazon offer a range of affordable (and colorful) iterations for you to slip on as you hang out at home or run errands. Like a cross between pool sandals and cozy slippers, cloud slides are playful while putting comfort first.” 

BRONAX Cloud Slides for Women and Men | Shower Slippers Bathroom Sandals | Extremely Comfy | Cushioned Thick Sole $23.99 on Amazon

Have you ever got home from a long day, taken off your shoes, and sighed in pain? Imagine putting your foot into the Cloud Slides, a therapeutic cushion slipper that compresses and relaxes your foot with each step.

Four: What to Try

Anti-Fatigue Mat:

Why Your Kitchen Needs an Anti-Fatigue Mat. “Even if you’re not exactly the next Bobby Flay, there might still be a spot in your house for an anti-fatigue mat. These types of mats are specially designed to be shock-absorbing, using various materials such as gel or foam. Maybe you spend hours in the garage or just invested in a standing desk — wherever you find yourself standing, if you are on your feet in the same place for more than 30 to 40 minutes a day, the constant pressure on your legs, feet and back can cause pain and long-lasting damage. Investing in a good mat can soothe (or eliminate) some of these issues.

There are a variety of sizes, styles, and types of anti-fatigue mats available to purchase. From Real Simple, The 8 Best Anti-Fatigue Mats for the Kitchen and Office

Top pick:  ComfiLife Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat $36 -76 at Amazon

For an inexpensive, more decorative look, here’s an option from Target:

Vintage Print Comfort Rug Blue – Threshold™ $18 at Target

Five: What to do

Outlet shopping:

For designer brands: If you love designer labels but don’t love the prices, consider shopping at an outlet. Some high-end brands like Prada, Burberry, and Gucci don’t offer huge savings, but the outlets have some nice pieces at a discounted price. Other brands like Coach, Kate Spade, and Tory Burch offer a percentage off marking prices.

For back to school: Did you know Old Navy has an outlet store? Many non-designer brands also have outlet stores. If you have to do a lot of back-to-school shopping, I suggest taking a trip to an outlet mall.

I recently visited the Wrethem Village Premium outlets.

In Boston:

St. Anthony’s Feast

Begun in 1919, by Italian immigrants from the small town of Montefalcione in Avellino, Saint Anthony’s Feast has become the largest Italian Religious Festival in New England. Named the “Feast of all Feasts” by National Geographic Magazine, this authentic Italian street festival has it all for people of every age: parades, strolling singers, live entertainment, contests and religious services are held daily. Visitors stroll the beautifully decorated streets sampling the best Italian street foods from 100 pushcarts enjoying arancini, sausage peppers & onion, quahogs, calamari, pizza, pasta and of course zeppole, cannoli and gelato. Guests can also browse the wide selection of souvenir keepsakes and mementos.

Shop on Newbury Street – Open Newbury Street 2022, The City of Boston is relaunching Open Newbury Street starting on August 21, 2022, for six consecutive Sundays of car-free Newbury Street.Newbury Street will be car-free from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m., from Berkeley Street to Massachusetts Avenue. The intersections of Exeter Street, Fairfield Street, Gloucester Street and Hereford Street will be car-free.” 

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