The 90s – “Don’t call it a comeback”

In honor of the release of The 90s show on Netflix, I’d like to highlight some trends and things that have become popular in recent years. As L.L. Cool J says, “Don’t call it a comeback”; some of these trends have never really gone away, but I’ve been reading about things that take me right back to 1995.

As a member of GenX, I loved the 90s. I was in my 20s, working different jobs and trying to figure out life as an adult. I watched Friends and listened to 90s hip-hop. I wore baby-doll dresses, vests, bodysuits, dresses with jean jackets, and clunky shoes.

spring break 1992 (body suit and vest)

The Fashion Trends

In the 90s, I took fashion cues from Friends that aired from 1994 – 2004. I had hair like Carol (Julianna Marguiles) in ER.

St. Patrick’s Day – Savannah, GA 1995
Carol on ER
Courteney Cox as Monica Geller, Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green and Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe Buffay each had their own style within the show. NBC

From Today, ‘Friends’ costume designer reveals the show’s most popular outfit. The show’s fashion still resonates with viewers today.

From Harper’s Baazar 2021, 12 Friends fashion moments that are still relevant today

From Marie Claire, 34 Rachel Green Fashion Moments You Forgot You Were Obsessed with on ‘Friends

From Who What Wear, 10 ’90s TV Shows Worth Rewatching for the Clothes.


From Good Housekeeping, Forgotten ’90s Fashion Trends We’re Still Obsessing Over. “Slip dresses, bomber jackets, scrunchies and plaid flannel shirts were all the rage during the ’90s — and many of these fashion trends are working their way back into vogue (although some of these pieces may have never left your closet).


Image credit: NBC / Getty
Image Source: NBC
’90s Loose Overalls with Washwell $89.95 Gap

Track Suits

Winslow Windbreaker Tracksuit $58

90s Technology

Flip Phones

Credit: Shutterstock / F-Stop Boy

From Mashable in 2021, Is Gen Z bringing flip phones back?

From CNN, Gen Z has a new ‘vintage’ technology to obsess over. “Today, these smaller, lightweight devices – some available for as little as $20 at big box retailers like Walmart and Amazon – are showing up in TikTok videos of young people unboxing them, bedazzling their cases just as earlier generations did, and filming tutorials on achieving a carefree, blurry aesthetic through the low quality camera.


Prepaid My Flip 2 4G

Digital Camera

From The New York Times, The Hottest Gen Z Gadget Is a 20-Year-Old Digital Camera. “The cameras of Generation Z’s childhoods, seen as outdated and pointless by those who originally owned them, are in vogue again. Young people are reveling in the novelty of an old look, touting digital cameras on TikTok and sharing the photos they produce on Instagram. On TikTok, the hashtag #digitalcamera has 184 million views.

Digital Camera 2.7K Ultra HD Mini Camera $51.19 Amazon

Wired Headphones

Bella Hadid, pictured in Paris in 2019, is a devotee of wired headphones. PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES

From the Wall Street Journal in 2021, Are AirPods Out? Why Cool Kids Are Wearing Wired Headphones.

From ZDNET, The best wired headphones you can buy.

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