Supporting the Team – In person

Do you have a favorite sports team? Do you watch the games at home and follow their progress through the season? I don’t watch a lot of sports on television, but I enjoy going to a game.

When you watch a game in person, you can cheer loudly and get into the excitement of the game. You support the team and your favorite players during the regular season and the playoffs. Of course, there is more excitement during the playoffs, but going to games with family and friends is fun anytime.

“Gotta support the team,” Puddy on Seinfeld. Season 6, episode 23.

Types of sports events to watch include:

High school and College

Cheer on kids, nieces, nefews, family friends, or your alum school.

I recently attended a game where my college played.
Cheering on family and friends is always fun.

Professional Sports Teams


I only went to one Patriots game back in 2011, but I know many fans like to attend several games during the year with tailgating events. You have to bundle up for outdoor winter gamse.

Patriots game 12/24/11


Baseball games are my favorite to attend, especially at Fenway Park. Maybe because they take place during the spring and summer, or it’s the peanuts, hotdogs, and cracker jacks.

Atlanta Braves playoff game int the 90s
Red Sox playoff game 2018

More fun at Red Sox games:

Spring training in Florida


I attended the Celtics vs. Knicks game last night and had a blast. The game was a close one, but the Celtics lost in overtime.

2009 Celtics game.


I’ve only been to a few Bruins games and didn’t take many pictures.

Bruins game 2008

What to wear to the games:

I like to support the team with at least one visual logo on one item of clothing. For baseball games, I rotate two of my favorite Red Sox hats. I have Celtics and Bruins t-shirts that I layer for a game outfit.

Supporting the Celtics with my green t-shirt.
Supporting my college team in a playoff game last year with my cousins.

A hat or a t-shirt are easy items to wear to a game, when watching the team on television, or when running errands.

Some people dress up for games:

loved this couple’s sparkling green outfits at the Celtics game

The sport jersey is a popular item to wear when supporting your team. I’ve never owned one but I liked the outfits I saw at the game last night.

A team sweatshirt or sweater is another way to support your team.

Boston City of Champions Hoodie Boston Sports Hoodie $40 on Amazon

Shop more Boston Fan Gear at Dick’s Sporting Goods

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