Winter Sports and Activities

This winter has been mild in the northeast; it was 50 degrees in Boston this week. Eight years ago, we had crazy amounts of snow.

Winter weather in the northeast varies from year to year, but there are winter sports and activities you can enjoy without a massive snowstorm. You can easily travel to places with snow and various winter activities options. You can plan trips to fun winter sports destinations in the United States and other countries from wherever you live.

I grew up in New Jersey and Georgia; when I lived in New Jersey, we did a lot of fun winter sports and activities, including skiing and sledding.

What to Wear and Buying the Gear

I love my snow outfit!

Whether or not you ski, you can dress like a skier.

From Refinery 29, Why Fashion’s Ski Moment Is Making Me Take Up The Sport. “Skiing has long been a fashionable sport. Who can forget the way Princess Diana made the world fall for bold shell suits whenever she’d hit the slopes with her children in the early ‘90s? Over decades, celebrities have played with ski gear, making it stylish in the process, from Princess Diana’s retro oversized puffers to Jackie Kennedy’s head-to-toe red ski suit and Dionne Warwick’s reindeer-printed sweater.” 

Vogue’s Ski Shop

From Marie Claire, Cute Ski Outfits for Your Next Alpine Adventure

From the New York Times, Our Favorite Cold-Weather Essentials

The Activities

Downhill Skiing and Snowboarding

I haven’t skied in 17 years, and I’m unsure if I want to try it again. Maybe if the conditions were good, with a lesson beforehand. Lindsey Vonn said, “I think the most important thing in skiing is you have to be having fun.” I have some fun skiing memories, but I also remember not loving the experience.

Skiing and snowboarding are good family-friendly activities. You can take trips as a family and pass on your wisdom and skiing tips.

One year we skied in the rain; falling was a sliding experience due to the rain poncho.

I have a lot of friends and family who still ski every year.

Where to go:

From Ski magazine, The Best Ski Resorts in the U.S. (2023)

From Travel & Leisure, 5 Best Ski Towns for Solo Travelers — With Cozy Lodges and Excellent Aprés-ski Scenes

From REI: Planning Your First Time Skiing or Snowboarding

What to wear:

From REI: What to Wear Skiing and Snowboarding

Cross-Country Skiing

From REI: Beginner’s Guide to Cross-Country Skiing

Snow Shoeing

From REI, Beginner’s Guide to Snowshoeing

“What started thousands of years ago as an essential mode of winter transportation has evolved into a popular recreational activity. But if you’ve never done it before, you might ask, why go snowshoeing? Here are a few reasons:

It’s great winter exercise: If you’re looking for a way to stay in shape even when the snow falls, snowshoeing is an excellent low-impact aerobic exercise. It lets you extend your hiking and running season and lets you enjoy solitude in areas that might be crowded in summer.

It’s a great social activity: All ages and ability levels can enjoy the sport together.

It’s inexpensive: If gear and lift-ticket prices for skiing and snowboarding give you pause, you’ll be happy to know that snowshoeing is affordably priced. Your required gear includes snowshoes and appropriate attire; poles are also recommended, but not required. If you want to try before you buy, REI Co-op stores around the country can rent you snowshoes and poles.

It requires only a few basic techniques: Few outdoor activities are as beginner friendly. If you plan to venture off easy trails, you’ll need to learn how to go up and down hills, traverse slopes, use your poles, how to get up after you fall in deep snow and how to avoid and prepare for avalanches. Taking a class or going on a tour can offer great opportunities to learn these concepts.”

Sledding and Snow Tubbing

Old school sledding
Gunstock Mountain Resort

From Thrillist, Where to Go Snow Tubing Near Boston This Winter

From Trips to Discover, 12 Best Places to Go Sledding in the U.S.

Playing in the snow

You don’t have to participate in a winter sport to enjoy the snow; you can make snow angels, have a snowball fight, or just take a snowy walk with family and friends.

My favorite part of all snow activities is coming inside for some hot chocolate.

Swiss Miss Marshmallow Hot Cocoa Mix, (30) 1.38 oz Envelopes $6.57 at Amazon

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