Get Creative

What are your hobbies? Do you like to create things? Draw? Paint? Or do you feel like you need more creativity in your life?

I love creative hobbies, and I have tried several over the years. However, when choosing your hobby, you must pick something that makes you happy. You won’t stick to your hobby if you don’t enjoy it. That’s what happened to me when I tried sewing. I bought a sewing machine, took a sewing class, and made a pillow case and a tote bag. Unfortunately, after realizing I didn’t enjoy sewing, I gave away my machine.

The benefits of creative hobbies:

Why you should take up a creative hobby this year

6 Creative Hobbies That Double as Stress-Busters

This time of year is perfect for trying a new creative hobby or returning to one you’ve abandoned. Creative hobbies are fun family activities but can also be excellent solo activities where you take a break from screens and life stresses.

Maybe you tried something new during the pandemic lockdown. I tried several new activities.


I picked a too-big puzzle that didn’t get past putting together the sides. I would try this again with a smaller puzzle.

Puzzles are great if you have space for one. Set it up in an area you don’t use too often. I used a folding table but needed that space to set up my new bar cart. Priorities.

Trying New Recipes


Speaking of the bar, I learned how to make cocktails during the pandemic. I took a margarita class on Zoom and bought a fun coloring book with cocktail recipes.

The Aperol Spritz was my favorite 2020 summer drink.
Read about my margarita class:


Did you try the Baked Feta Recipe?

There are several recipes online. I used this one from Gimmie Some Oven, BAKED FETA PASTA

I also took a Zoom class with Rocco in 2020. We learned how to make Carbonara.

It was delicious.

Creating Art and other Crafty Things

I’m lucky because my family is a creative and crafty family. We love to draw, paint, write, etc. Art projects are encouraged and shared. It’s fun to keep art projects you and the kids in your family have created over the years.

I made this bowl in 4th grade!
This is my creation from a class I took in grad school.

Last year, I enjoyed creating art with stickers:

The finished product is the cover photo.

Buy: Paint by Sticker Books

Or try painting by numbers:

Claude Monet – Poppy Fields Near Argenteuil $26.95 at Masterpiece by Numbers (photo posted by a customer in a review)

Michaels has a large selection of Paint by Numbers

Van Gogh Vase Paint-by-Number Kit by Artist’s Loft™ Necessities™ $14.99

Go shopping at Michaels for more creative hobby ideas.

Looking for inspiration: Choosing your craft


121 creative hobbies to try in 2023, and how to get started

For a shorter list: 40 Creative Hobbies for Adults

Read a book for inspiration:

$18 at Barnes and Noble

Take a class on Zoom, at a local museum, or at a local school:

One positive outcome of our lockdown is the use of Zoom for events (not work meetings).

The best online art classes in 2023

18 Best Online Art Classes for Adults to Try in 2023

The Art Studio in NYC: Online Art Classes. The Art Studio NY brings you online art classes with live instructors to help you learn how to draw and paint. We offer Live, Online Art Classes globally. Learn to draw and paint, online, with other artists. Strengthen your skills, share and build your creativity with people from around the world. (You can also take classes in person)

In Boston:

The Eliot School in the North End has a great selection of in-person classes to learn or practice a new hobby. See the class schedule.

Take in-person or online classes at the MFA, Adult Studio Art Classes

Creative Hobbies as a side hustle (or full-time hustle)

Can you make money selling things you create? Yes, but don’t let it take away from your enjoyment.

A warning from Fast Company, Why you shouldn’t monetize your hobby

If you do want to sell your candles, t-shirts, or art projects on Etsy:

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