The Wang Theater – A Boston Landmark

On March 8, 2020, I attended a PhotoWalk Tour in the Wang Theater. I was interested in this tour because we could take photos while getting a private tour of the venue. I used my camera and phone to take pictures during the tour. 

After my tour, I wanted to return to the theater for a show. Unfortunately, it took me almost three years to return to this venue. Finally, I returned to the venue on February 24, 2023, for a show called The Deck InvestigatesAshley Flowers is bringing her chart-topping podcast, The Deck, to you LIVE for the first time ever with The Deck Investigates tour.

The Wang Theater is a stunning venue. Read about the history in Wikipedia: Wang Theatre.

Several movies were filmed in the lobby, including The Witches of Eastwick.

The Show I Attended

I went with a friend to see the Ashley Flowers Event. Ashley Flowers hosts podcasts, wrote a book titled All Good People Here, and is the founder of the non-profit Season of Justice. Her podcasts include Crime Junkie and The Deck, highlighting true crime stories and standing up for victims, bringing light into the darkest shadows. The show I attended focused on the story of a mother who was murdered in 1984 in Indiana. Her case is still unsolved today.

From Deadline, Ashley Flowers Sets 11-City Tour For True-Crime Podcast ‘The Deck.’ One of the cases explored will be the brutal killing of Darlene Hulse. In the Summer of 1984, Darlene Hulse was killed in her own home, and despite the immediate manhunt, eyewitnesses, hundreds of leads, and investigative support from local, state, and federal levels, Darlene’s killer has gone undetected for nearly 40 years.”

Maria and I listen to Crime Junkie and read Ashley’s book
We had a delicious pre-show dinner at JM Curley.
The stage was set up for Ashley to host her show with video clips.
The crowd headed in; the show was almost sold out.

We enjoyed Ashley’s event; it was like attending one of her podcast shows in person, with props.

I strongly recommend going to a show at this venue, be sure to look around and appreciate the stunning architecture. 

Wang Theater at the Boch Center: event list –

Photos from my 2020 PhotoWalk Tour

The entrance:

The Lobby:

Interesting Architectural Details:

Inside the Theater:

Backstage and Stage View:

Signatures of performers line the walls near the dressing rooms.
A small dressing area.
The VIP dressing room.

Folk Americana Roots Hall of Fame:

This hall is located below the theater. Read about it, Boch Center Re-Introduces Folk Americana Roots Hall of Fame.



Photo Tours:

Wang Theater at the Boch Center: event list –

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