Notes of a Fashionista- Issue #4

Five on Friday May 13, 2022 “People waste their time pondering whether a glass is half empty or half full. Me, I just drink whatever’s in the glass.” — Sophia from The Golden Girls One: Fancy Grandmother and Coastal Chic Fancy Grandmother: The coastal grandmother trend is primarily about wearing neutral colors, but if you… Continue reading Notes of a Fashionista- Issue #4

Coastal Chic a.k.a Resort Wear

After writing about the coastal grandmother, I’m ready to write about upgrading the neutral looks to a look I call coastal chic (or resort wear). There are things I like about the coastal grandmother look, but I prefer jazzing up my coastal styles with bright colors, big hats, and flowing garments. Coastal Chic, a.k.a, resort… Continue reading Coastal Chic a.k.a Resort Wear

Saturday Street Style: New York City

When: Saturday February 8, 2014 Where: New York City I always enjoy visiting New York City. I’ve been there many times over the years usually with family and friends. This particular Saturday I decided to do some exploring on my own. I had three destinations in mind: Lincoln Center, the Central Park Zoo, and Dylan’s… Continue reading Saturday Street Style: New York City

Saturday Street Style: Best of 2013

Image from: Saturday December 28, 2013 2014 is approaching quickly which means it is time to reflect on the events of 2013. After attending a blogger conference in April I made some changes to my blog; I also decided to post some regular content. At the conference I met some really nice Boston bloggers who… Continue reading Saturday Street Style: Best of 2013

Saturday Street Style: Epcot

When: Saturday November 30, 2013 Where: Epcot Orlando, Florida Thanksgiving week I traveled to Florida to visit with my parents, my brother and my nieces. We had a very nice Thanksgiving meal and enjoyed the warm weather. We finished our trip with a visit to Epcot on Saturday. Here is a link to the Epcot… Continue reading Saturday Street Style: Epcot