Tuesday Trend Day: The boyfriend watch

You might be asking yourself “do people still wear watches?” The answer is yes. Of course we don’t need watches these days since most of us can easily check the time on our smart phones. Adding a boyfriend watch can add a stylish element to your outfit. The boyfriend watch comes in many colors and… Continue reading Tuesday Trend Day: The boyfriend watch

Manly Monthly: casual shoes

This manly monthly is for the men looking for a casual shoe that is not a running shoe. These shoes can be worn with shorts, jeans, khaki pants, etc. Save the running shoes for running, you can wear a stylish comfortable shoe instead.  I think that men can get away with wearing running shoes with… Continue reading Manly Monthly: casual shoes

Tuesday Trend Day: Flat Sandals

I just got a fabulous mani/pedi on Monday and decided to write about how to show off a cute summer pedicure: the flat sandal. Flip flops are an easy summer comfort shoe but sometimes they are difficult to walk around in. There are many fun flat sandal alternatives that provide a little more comfort and stability.… Continue reading Tuesday Trend Day: Flat Sandals

Manly Monday July 1, 2013: men’s shorts

 picture from fashionablestylish blog post Today’s manly Monday post is about shorts for men. Now that summer has arrived, the temperatures are rising and men need to be comfortable while strolling around town. During the work day most men are stuck wearing pants and a long sleeve shirt but on the weekends their wardrobe can… Continue reading Manly Monday July 1, 2013: men’s shorts

Tuesday Trend Day: stacked bracelets

Today’s trend day post was inspired by my Saturday Street Style post. If you read Saturday’s post, you know I did some jewelry shopping. I bought three new bracelets and saw some stylish women modeling my trend day topic: stacked bracelets.  My stacked set from Saturday. Michele Watch, John Hardy bracelet, and Michelle Freedman bracelet… Continue reading Tuesday Trend Day: stacked bracelets

Tuesday Trend Day: overalls

 Stacy in the floral overall shorts. Spring Break 1992. Some trends of the 90s are back! It’s true. Here is an article about the top 90s trends: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/04/09/90s-fashion-trends_n_3040200.html  I remember these trends well. I graduated St. Bonaventure University in 1993; I am attending my 20 year reunion this weekend. Scary but fun! In honor of… Continue reading Tuesday Trend Day: overalls

Manly Monday: the man bag

My blog is about style choices, trends, observations, tips, as well as general fashion and beauty talk. I decided to expand the blog to cover men’s styles as well. Alexis of http://www.lexlovescouture.com recently wrote a post about how easy men have it when it comes to putting together an outfit. I agree with her but… Continue reading Manly Monday: the man bag

Saturday Street Style: outside the city

My cousin Alyssa recently graduated from Ramapo College. So I traveled to NJ to celebrate with my family this weekend. Friday night was the graduation party. Saturday started with a leisurely breakfast, later I went for a nice long run, and then we had a big family dinner. So here are my suburban Saturday street… Continue reading Saturday Street Style: outside the city

A pop of color

Do you tend to wear the same colors? I have a lot of black in my wardrobe but I’m trying to add some colorful pieces. There are a lot of colorful options available online and at your favorite stores. Here are some ways you can add a pop of color: Accessories. If you are concerned… Continue reading A pop of color

Trend Alert: Florals

March brings us a little closer to the start of spring. In honor of the season where flowers begin to bloom I want to talk about a popular spring trend – florals. You will see flowers on everything for the spring. There are tops, dresses, pants, accessories, and even shoes covered with different floral patterns.… Continue reading Trend Alert: Florals