Manly Monthly: casual shoes

This manly monthly is for the men looking for a casual shoe that is not a running shoe. These shoes can be worn with shorts, jeans, khaki pants, etc. Save the running shoes for running, you can wear a stylish comfortable shoe instead.  I think that men can get away with wearing running shoes with… Continue reading Manly Monthly: casual shoes

Tuesday Trend Day: Flat Sandals

I just got a fabulous mani/pedi on Monday and decided to write about how to show off a cute summer pedicure: the flat sandal. Flip flops are an easy summer comfort shoe but sometimes they are difficult to walk around in. There are many fun flat sandal alternatives that provide a little more comfort and stability.… Continue reading Tuesday Trend Day: Flat Sandals

Tuesday Trend Day: Chevron

There is a trend I have been seeing a lot of lately – Chevron. It is a zig zag or v pattern found on clothing and accessories, similar to a herringbone pattern. I love this trend! I saw it on a stylish blogger during the Blog Better Boston Summit, on my stylish cousin Alyssa at… Continue reading Tuesday Trend Day: Chevron