January 31, 2015

Assembly Row Event

Assembly Row Event

October 11, 2014

IMG_4182 IMG_4183

In October I had the pleasure of attending an event in Somerville’s Assembly Row. I’ve shopped nearby this development many times at Home Depot, Christmas Tree Shop, Kmart, Staples, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and at Sports Authority. I knew the area well but didn’t know much about Assembly Row. Here is some information about the development:

Assembly row consists of more than 30 storefronts including nationally branded outlet shops, sit-down restaurants and cafes, 12-screen AMC Assembly Row 12 and IMAX, a six-acre waterfront park complete with bike lanes and an amphitheater and the only LEGOLAND Discovery Center in New England. This shopping and dining area is a short car ride from Boston and is now assessable from the MBTA Orange Line.


Here is an article with more details about this development: http://bostinno.streetwise.co/2014/11/21/what-is-assembly-row-somerville/

The event took place at AVA Somerville, the lobby of an apartment complex in the heart of the development.  The area I walked into was filled with products from the surrounding stores.

IMG_4191 IMG_4192 IMG_4225 IMG_4229 IMG_4232IMG_4231

I sipped on champagne and snacked on cheese and crackers while admiring the jewelry.

IMG_4187 IMG_4186

I was able to catch up with some of my favorite Boston bloggers.

IMG_4196 IMG_4203 IMG_4209 IMG_4227

We were able to take a tour of an apartment and the common areas for residents.

IMG_4210 IMG_4211 IMG_4212 IMG_4213

I loved this apartment, the layout was fun and it was filled with useful amenities.

IMG_4216 IMG_4217 IMG_4218 IMG_4219 IMG_4220 IMG_4221 IMG_4222 IMG_4223

Back at the event, Aricia and Cibelene stylists from Shift your Style were taking measurements and making clothing style recommendations to people in attendance. http://timetoshiftyourstyle.com/

IMG_4233 IMG_4189 IMG_4198

After our tour and style sessions we did some shopping at the Banana Republic Factory Outlet. Some of us found a few stylish items to purchase.


I am a big fan of outlet shopping because I am a fan of finding good deals on clothing. Some items are created specifically for the outlets, some are very similar to items you find in the retail stores but there are many nice items for decent prices at these stores.

Since the event, I have gone back and shopped at the Nike outlet for some sports bras. I’m happy that these outlet stores are so close to the city and I will be returning to this shopping area again. I would still like to visit: the movie theater, the Legoland store, and the many other retailers that I missed.

I would also like to check out the dining options in the Row, especially American Fresh Brewhouse a brewery and restaurant.http://www.assemblyrow.com/#eat

Planning a visit to this shopping area? You can drive (parking is free) or take the T: Assembly Station on the MBTA Orange Line in now open! Make it here in just three stops from Downtown Boston. View the MBTA subway map here.

Planning on going out to watch the super bowl this weekend? Papagayo has a good deal for you:


We are inviting all our guests to come into any of our Papagayo restaurants to watch the big game on February 1st, 2015. If the New England Patriot’s beat the Seattle Seahawks, (which they will) all of your food will be free! If by chance, the game goes the other way, your food will be 50% off.

October 20, 2014

Saturday Street Style: Blogger Fun and Boston Ballet

Saturday Street Style: Blogger fun and Boston Ballet

When: Saturday May 31, 2014

Where: Boston, MA

I love the Boston blogging community. I have met some great people at different events all around the city. One of my favorite Boston bloggers is Georgina creator of http://notesonlifestylebygeorgina.com/ Georgina was super nice from the moment I met her at a blogging event in April 2013. This past May we decided that we needed to have a girls’ night out/Saturday brunch.

We started the fun Friday night with fellow blogger Francesca www.brandcheerleader.com at Bricco. We had cocktails and some dinner. After dinner we met up with Francesca’s roommate at Society on High. I had fun, it was nice to have a girls’ night out.

IMG_3029 10402876_10102046262979472_7721498723011050582_n IMG_3032

The next day, after taking waterfront blogger pictures we had brunch/lunch at Bostonia Public House on State Street. We had both wanted to check out this fairly new restaurant. We started our lunch with Bloody Marys of course and the sesame glazed chicken wings. I ordered the burger and Georgina ordered the lobster roll. We both enjoyed our lunch and our waiter Dominic was super friendly.

1528455_10102047192237232_3476405064336246609_n IMG_3041

IMG_3056 IMG_3060 IMG_3063 IMG_3064 IMG_3066 IMG_3067 IMG_3069 IMG_3074 IMG_3075 IMG_3076 IMG_3077 IMG_3079 IMG_3087 IMG_3091 IMG_3092

After lunch we got a tour of the restaurant. I love the décor and vibe of this restaurant. Here is Georgina’s more detailed post on this restaurant: http://notesonlifestylebygeorgina.com/2014/06/best-new-boston-eatery-bostonia-public.html

As we walked back to my place we perused the tents of the open air market that happens every Saturday on the Rose Kennedy Greenway.

IMG_3053 IMG_3054 IMG_3100 IMG_3107 IMG_3108 IMG_3109 IMG_3110 IMG_3112 IMG_3119 IMG_3120 IMG_3127 IMG_3128 IMG_3129

Later that evening I met up with another friend. She has season tickets for the Boston Ballet and she invites me to at least one performance every year. This year we saw Jewels. Before the show we had a delicious dinner at Artisan Bistro located in the Ritz. This is one of my favorite pre show restaurants. I had the mushroom flatbread and she had the chicken dish.

IMG_3165 IMG_3166

We both enjoyed the show. I love going to the Boston ballet. The dancers are very talented and I’m always impressed with the costumes. Of course the jeweled costumes were especially nice.

IMG_3171 IMG_3174 IMG_3175 IMG_3179 IMG_3180 IMG_3183

On our way out I took a picture of this edgy and cool outfit that seemed quite appropriate for the ballet.


October 19, 2014

Saturday Street Style: Memorial Day Weekend

Saturday Street Style: Memorial Day Weekend

When: May 24, 2014

Where: Boston, MA

I am a runner, not a fast runner but a runner none the less. I do enjoy it as a way to stay in shape and I like participating in running events around Boston. One of my favorite Boston organized runs is the Run to Remember which takes place during Memorial Day weekend. There are two runs, a five-mile and a half marathon. I’ve run the five-mile race a few times and the half several times. My NJ family members come into town to run and my brother also visits from Texas. Not all family members participate in the run but we all participate in fun family events.

This past year on Saturday some of the group started the fun events with a lunch at Salty Dog located by Quincy Market. I like this seafood spot, it is casual and serves up some delicious seafood dishes. There are tables outside and inside (the inside tables are downstairs in the Quincy Market building.) I had a Bloody Mary, some mussels, and a blackened fish sandwich with fries.

IMG_2975 IMG_2976

After lunch we walked around the area with my brother and his friend who had never been to Boston. I like walking around with visiting friends and family because I can become a tourist for the day (or weekend). Speaking of tourist attractions we went inside the Faneuil hall building. If you have never been to Boston, there is an area commonly referred to as Faneuil Hall/Quincy Market filled with shops, restaurants, a food market and this historic building. The actual hall is a spot with many famous historical people (presidents, etc) spoke to large crowds and gathered to plot some historical events. We listened to a park ranger talk about these famous people and events.

IMG_2982 IMG_2983 IMG_2984

Once the rest of the crowd arrived, we went out for carb loading at a local Italian restaurant, Riccardo’s. I had a nice pasta dish and a few glasses of red wine.

Sunday’s run went well. We had nice weather and I was happy with my pace.

IMG_2996 IMG_2997 IMG_3003

After the runners showered, we went out to brunch at Granary Tavern. That evening we had a nice dinner in after enjoying cocktails on the roof deck while listening to music from the Boston Calling concert.

IMG_2998 IMG_3010 IMG_3014

On Monday we took the T ferry from the aquarium to Charlestown and toured the Constitution Museum. Our last event of the weekend was brunch at Pier 6.

IMG_3019 IMG_3022

October 19, 2014

Saturday Street Style: New York City Theater

Saturday Street Style: New York City Theater


When: Saturday May 10, 2014

Where: New York City

Living in Boston, I can visit New York fairly easily. It is a four to five-hour car trip or train ride. For this particular road trip I drove and listened to Andy Cohen’s book on CD from the Boston Public library. I strongly recommend this book, Andy had me laughing a lot as he read his stories.


I have family in New Jersey so I often visit my family and New York City. I love visiting NYC, I always have fun. This particular Saturday visits is one of my favorites.

I made plans with my theater club group (created on this Saturday) to see two plays in one day. We bought tickets for Of Mice and Men and Heathers. Before the first show we had a nice lunch at a restaurant down the street.


James Franco and Chris O’Dowd were just two of the big names associated with Of Mice and Men. I think I read the book back in high school, I knew it was going to be a sad story but I forgot a lot of the details. This was a fantastic show, I was extremely impressed by all of the performances, especially James Franco and Chris O’Dowd. James Franco was George and Chris O’Dowd was his not quite with it friend Lenny. I’m a big fan of musicals but sometimes I see a different kind of play that highlights quality acting. Of Mice and Men is one of those plays. Leighton Meester was also good as Curley’s wife.

IMG_2807 IMG_2810

After the show my cousin and I lined up with the crowd hoping to get some autographs. Most actors will sign your Playbill after a show. The crowd was quite large because most (young) people were waiting for James Franco to come out. As we were waiting, some staff members managing the crowd said to turn around and get ready to take a selfie with James. They said James Franco will walk right into your shot. Alyssa and I waited in the appropriate position, James came by, signed my Playbill, and walked into this shot with my cousin and I. We couldn’t believe it!

IMG_2812 IMG_2816 IMG_2819 IMG_2815 IMG_2820

We had time between shows so we ate at Brickyard. I had a delicious cheese burger and a glass of wine. I found this restaurant on Open Table and was pleasantly surprised with the food and ambiance.

IMG_2822 IMG_2823 IMG_2824 IMG_2825 IMG_2826

Our second show was Heathers, an off-Broadway musical. The theater was located in a large building with a small front entrance but the inside of the building was spacious and we walked down several levels to get to the theater. Before the show when we were hanging out we saw another famous actor. We saw Lea DeLaria “Big Boo” from Orange is the New Black. I can get a little flustered around celebrities but I managed to say hello to her, compliment her on her performance, and ask for a picture. She was very nice and agreed to pose with us.

IMG_2838 IMG_2837 IMG_2836 IMG_2835IMG_2829

After our celebrity encounter I bought a glass of bubbly and we ventured to our seats. We had great seats, we were really close to the stage. We were not allowed to take pictures in this theater. I wasn’t sure what to expect when we purchased these tickets. I love the movie Heathers, I’ve seen it many times. Christian Slater is one of my celebrity crushes. I wondered how they can make this dark comedy into a musical. Well, I was pleasantly surprised by the show. I loved the cheesy 80s costumes, and the actors who played Veronica, Heather, Heather, Heather, and JD did a great job embracing the traits of the characters in the movie. The story was slightly adjusted but quite enjoyable. The musical numbers were my favorite, including I love my dead gay son.

IMG_2830 IMG_2831 IMG_2834

After the show we had cocktails at The Palm, a short walk from the theater. I spotted one more celebrity, drawn on the wall!

IMG_2843 IMG_2844

August 1, 2014

Saturday Street Style: Kentucky Derby

Saturday Street Style: the Kentucky Derby


When: May 3, 2014

Where: Wakefield, MA

One of my friends hosts a fabulous Kentucky Derby party every year. She and her husband go all out with napkins, cups, and banners. There is plenty of good food to eat and her husband makes a delicious mint julep.

Everyone was dressed in their Derby outfits. Most women had on their fancy hats, I choose to wear my fascinator.

This year I placed my first online bet on a horse named wicked strong. Unfortunately he didn’t come close to winning. Betting on horses is a bit confusing, I don’t know if I will place another bet. I think I’ll stick to putting money into a pot and picking a random horse number. If your number comes in, you win the pot.

IMG_2747 IMG_2748 IMG_2749  IMG_2752 IMG_2756 IMG_2758

July 31, 2014

The Art Forger and Isabella Stewart Gardner

When: March 30, 2014 and April 13, 2014

Where: Isabella Stewart Garner Museum in Boston, MA and McCarthy Middle School in Chelmsford, MA

One of the books I recently read was The Art Forger. I had two outings related to this book. One Sunday I finally visited The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum and a few weeks later I was able to attend a book signing and author talk by B.A. Shapiro.


The Art Forger was a great read, there were many times when I couldn’t put the book down. I had to know what was going to happen next! The book has several stories that are pulled together throughout the book. Most of the book is fiction but inspired by actual events. The author is a fan of Isabella Stewart Garner’s life story and always wanted to write about her. She is also interested in the Boston art scene and wanted to include that in the book. Every story she tells is interesting. She writes about Isabella, the art heist, art forgery, and the Boston art scene.

I have lived in Boston for 14 years but never visited the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum. I’ve been to Museum of Fine Arts several times. I love art, especially impressionist pieces. I had heard of the heist at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum but never managed to visit the museum. I’m glad reading this book inspired a visit to the museum.

IMG_2562 IMG_2561


The museum which bears her name also stands as a testament to her vision. Isabella Stewart Gardner, known also as “Mrs. Jack” in reference to her husband, John L. (“Jack”) Gardner, was one of the foremost female patrons of the arts. She was a patron and friend of leading artists and writers of her time, including John Singer Sargent, James McNeill Whistler, and Henry James. She was a supporter of community social services and cultural enrichment. She was an ardent fan of the Boston Symphony, the Red Sox, and Harvard College football. Isabella Stewart Gardner was also the visionary creator of what remains one of the most remarkable and intimate collections of art in the world today and a dynamic supporter of artists of her time, encouraging music, literature, dance, and creative thinking across artistic disciplines.

Over three decades, Isabella Stewart Gardner traveled the world and worked with important art patrons and advisors Bernard Berenson and Okakura Kakuzo to amass a remarkable collection of master and decorative arts. In 1903, she completed the construction of Fenway Court in Boston to house her collection and provide a vital place for Americans to access and enjoy important works of art. Isabella Gardner installed her collection of works in a way to evoke intimate responses to the art, mixing paintings, furniture, textiles, and objects from different cultures and periods among well-known European paintings and sculpture.

In 1919, Isabella Stewart Gardner suffered the first of a series of strokes and died five years later, on July 17, 1924. Her will created an endowment of $1 million and outlined stipulations for the support of the museum, including that the permanent collection not be significantly altered.

I didn’t take many pictures because you are not allowed to take pictures in the older part of the museum.



Current exhibit:



This was my first book signing event and I truly enjoyed B.A. Shapiro’s talk. As a blogger, I often dream of possibly writing a book. It was very interesting to hear about her writing process as well as how many times she tried to get this book published.

IMG_2611 IMG_2612 IMG_2614

Check out this book and if you live in Boston or visit the city, you should check out the Isabella Stewart Garner Museum.

One more note on the topic: Comedy Central introduced a show last year called Drunk History. Drunk people talk about historical events and it is very interesting as well as entertaining. My favorite season one episode took place in Boston. The stories included one about the art heist at the museum.


June 8, 2014

Saturday Street Style: Spring Wine Fest

When: Saturday March 22, 2014

Where: Cyclorama, Boston


I am a big fan of wine, wine tastings and/or any wine event. When I saw a deal on Gilt City for this spring wine fest I had to purchase it. This event is smaller than the wine expo I attended in February. You don’t get a wine glass, the lines are longer but there are plenty of wine samples, a DJ, and some food samples.

IMG_2508 IMG_2510

The cyclorama is an interesting building, I’ve been there for other events. It is located in the South End next to The Beehive, a fun bar/restaurant.

IMG_2514 IMG_2516 IMG_2517

I recognized some of the brands that I like and I was introduced to some new brands. I enjoyed most of the wines but we didn’t stay too long due to the long wait at some tables. This type of wine event doesn’t allow for long conversations with the winery because there are fewer tables and long lines. If you decide to hold a conversation with the representative, you are holding up the line.

IMG_2519 IMG_2520

Some wineries were pouring the samples to people waiting in line, a brilliant idea!

IMG_2521 IMG_2526


After the wine fest we went to Eastern Standard near Fenway Park. Eastern Standard is one of my favorite places to get foods and cocktails, they have a nice menu. I had my favorite drink the gimlet.

IMG_2529 IMG_2530

We also had some oysters


Our last stop for the evening is another favorite, Sonsie on Newbury St. We had a nice dinner. I love their artwork.


May 17, 2014

Tuesday Trend Day: Spring coats and jackets

Spring is finally in the air! The temperatures are rising but thankfully not too high yet. The really cold days are gone. It is time to change out the closet and put away winter coats.

What type of jacket do you wear in the spring? You might already own some nice spring jackets but in case you need a new one, here are some fun styles I’ve found. The styles that are trending right now are the bomber/baseball jacket, the military jacket, quilted jackets, denim jackets, and the classic trench. In the spring you can choose almost any lightweight coat or jacket. The North Face has a great raincoat/light coat selection. I keep spotting the J Crew field jacket all over Boston!

macy spring coat


1-London Fog All-Weather Hooded Trench Coat Sale $134.99

2-Tommy Hilfiger Belted Military Jacket $89.99

3-DKNY Double-Breasted Hooded Trench Coat $134.99

4-Vince Camuto Belted Lightweight Quilted Coat $99.99

5-Tommy Hilfiger Zip Front Nico Parka $99.99

6-The North Face Resolve Waterproof Rain Jacket $90.00

7-London Fog Coat Durham Raincoat $109.99

asos spring coats


1-ASOS Jacket With Statement Floral Embroidery $114.32

2-Warehouse Draped Trench Coat $181.01

3-River Island Soft Trench $114.32

4-ASOS Denim Jacket with Patch Sleeves $85.74

5-ASOS Belted Trench $133.38

6-Reclaimed Vintage Windbreaker Festival Anorak $57.16

7-Barbour Chelsea Sports Quilt Jacket $226.74

8-ASOS Denim Jacket In Skinny Fit With Acid Wash $76.22

J Crew spring coat

J Crew

1-Boyfriend fatigue jacket $168.00

2-The downtown field jacket $148.00

4-Vintage denim jacket in recycled indigo wash $128.00

5-Wallace & Barnes Baseball bomber jacket in Japanese cotton $198.00

25% off with code PACKME

6-Cotton fishtail parka $248.00

7-Garrison fatigue jacket $188.00

Retro spring: Be a member!

Members Only Women’s Polka Dot Bomber $68.00




Iconic Racer Jacket $54.00


April 29, 2014

Tuesday Trend Day: 90s trends

I’m sorry my Tuesday trend day posts have been MIA. I don’t have a good excuse. My day to day tasks and work got in the way. I’m going to make an effort to get back on schedule! Starting with today’s post about 90s trends.

I came across this article that inspired today’s post: http://www.fabsugar.com/Fashion-Trends-From-90s-34636660

Warning: this article was written by someone in her 20s. She was a child in the 90s. I was in my 20s during the 90s but I still wanted to point out the trends mentioned in this article. Here is the list:

1. Overalls- I wrote a post about overalls last year but never bought some. Instead I keep seeing pictures of people wearing them and decide I should buy them but then never make the purchase.

2. Tevas- I owned a pair of these in the 90s but I don’t think I will be purchasing a pair now. I still associate these shoes to outdoor activities but apparently some designers put a similar type show on the runway. http://www.luckymag.com/accessories/2013/10/ugly-shoes-fashion-week

Marc Jacobs




Isabel Marant


3. Birkenstocks- I still own my Birkenstocks from the 90s, they are a shoe that last a long time especially when you don’t wear them that often. I can get into this trend. I will check the condition of my pair and try to put together some outfits with them.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olson were spotted wearing this trend last month in the airport with socks!



4. Backpacks- I wrote a post about how men should NOT wear this trend but I’ve since purchased a backpack for my work commute. Sorry, I had to do it. I walk to work and I carry a lot of stuff so I was looking for a bag that wouldn’t hurt my shoulders. The backpack was a great solution. It is not the most stylish bag but I love it for my walk to work.

5. Shrunken sweaters-I was not going to try this trend until I saw the Velvet shrunken sweater over a long shirt. I would try that look but not the sweater by itself.

6. High-waisted jeans- not quite sure about this trend. I need to see what styles are available.

7. Matching sets- I did like the matching sweater set look so I might be ready to try this trend.

8. Bodysuit- I loved this trend in the 90s but I’m not sure I could get back into it.

Here are my shopping results:

90s trends

ASOS Overalls in Relaxed Fit $71.49

Tevas: http://www.zappos.com/teva-zirra-berry $70


Birkenstock ‘Gizeh’ Birko-Flor™ Thong $89.95

Birkenstock ‘Arizona’ Suede Sandal (Women) $119.95

Herschel Supply Co. ‘Pop Quiz’ Backpack $70.00

Topshop Faux Leather Backpack $68.00

Herschel Supply Co. ‘City Plus’ Backpack $75.00

Herschel Supply Co. ‘Pop Quiz’ Backpack $70.00

Nordstrom puts together outfits with the trends you search for:


Birkenstock ‘Arizona’ Soft Footbed Nubuck Sandal (Women) $129.95

KUT from the Kloth ‘Catherine’ Distressed Boyfriend Overalls (Mythical) $98.00




90 trends 2

Velvet by Graham & Spencer Marled Cotton Blend Pullover $174.00

Cooperative $29.99 from Urban Outfitters

ASOS Uber High WaistedUltra Skinny Jeans in Clean Indigo Indigo $26.34 from ASOS.com

High Rise Ankle Jean Legging $88.00 from Express

Lesuit Le Suit Shantung Dressand Coat, Viola, Womens $89.99 from JCPenney

ASOS Blazer in Floral Print with Fluro Trim $84.66

ASOS High Waist Pants In Jacquard $75.26

Cotton Spandex Jersey
Double U-Neck Long Sleeve Bodysuit
Select Colors/Sizes $22.40


Here is a picture of me in college (1992) on spring break with the bodysuit, high-waisted shorts, matching set, and vest! Yikes!


April 10, 2014

Saturday Street Style: Houston

Where: Houston, TX

When: March 15, 2014

My brother and nieces live in Houston. My parents and I took a trip to see them in March. I arrived and settled in on Friday.

Saturday was a rainy day. We got a late start to the day, we headed out for lunch around 12:30. My brother took us to eatsie boys at 4100 Montrose. This restaurant started as a food truck. http://eatsieboys.com/

IMG_2362 IMG_2363 IMG_2364 IMG_2365 IMG_2366 IMG_2367 IMG_2368 IMG_2369 IMG_2370

Eatsie Boys Cafe is a casual, counter service eatery in Mmmontrose dishin’ out only the freshest eats. Enjoy breakfast, sandwiches, salads, premium coffee, frozen awesome, Sunday “Trust Us” brunch and more! You can kick it on our patio with your pet and you can BYOB. That’s what’s up.

We had a delicious lunch including some frozen treats to finish it off. I had the spinach and quinoa salad topped with a fried egg. I have always wanted to try an egg on a salad but I was apprehensive about how it would taste. This was one of the best salads I’ve ever had. Also ordered: frank the pretzel, crispy kale salad, sabotage, and big shrimpin. For dessert we had rocky road ice cream plus an ice cream drink combo with donut flavored ice cream in a cup of coffee. Yum!

After lunch we did some grocery shopping and kid pick up. Later in the afternoon I was introduced to Dr. Who. The first episode was funny and creepy. I will definitely watch more on Netflix.

We settled in to a game of Dungeons and Dragons after Dr. Who. I had never played before so I needed a tutorial. My brother and nieces started to create their own characters but the rest of us played with pre designed characters. My character was a control wizard I named Iridian. I received a stats sheet about my character and my skills. This sheet is used during the game. My brother was the dungeon master in charge of walking us through our adventure. He roles dice that determine outcomes in the game. To say that is game is complicated is an understatement. Here is a link with more information: http://www.wizards.com/dnd/. I had fun and I think this is a great activity for a family night without any use of electronic devices. You use your creativity and your skills info.

IMG_2379 IMG_2380 IMG_2381

I’ve seen the guys on The Big Bang Theory play. Here is a youtube clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQtktQPn3LM

The Community gang also played: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gE6kLeUG87s

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