Saturday Street Style: Food Truck Throw Down

When: May 4, 2013
Where: Boston Greenway

My first Saturday street style post! I ventured out along the greenway today to check out the crowd at the food truck throw down. There was a large crowd and lines at all of the trucks. The weather was nice, sunny with a slight chill. People were hanging out on the grass enjoying the delicious food.



The first person I met was Amy. She was from Australia and was spending her day exploring Boston.


She is wearing Zara jeans, a scarf she bought in Thailand, and her jacket is from Forever New.

The next two people I met were Jill and Leanne. They had gone for a run earlier in the day and spotted this event. They planned on hanging out around the trucks and then were meeting up with friends later to grab some drinks.

They are wearing Sperrys like me. Jill had on pieces from J Crew with her Tory Burch shades and Leanne had on pieces from the Gap with her Oakley shades. Their scarves were from H&M.

I had fun scoping out outfits to capture and these girls were very nice. I was going to take more pictures but my phone was losing power. I tried to snap a picture of two guys sitting by Joe’s but they did not want to participate. I guess that will happen. Too bad, they had on nice outfits!

Later that night I snapped a couple more pics while having drinks at Sonsie.

Joe is wearing a Banana Republic shirt and a Polo blazer.

Maggie is wearing Forever 21. They were heading to a Cinco de Mayo event.

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