Saturday Street Style: Best of 2013


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Saturday December 28, 2013

2014 is approaching quickly which means it is time to reflect on the events of 2013. After attending a blogger conference in April I made some changes to my blog; I also decided to post some regular content. At the conference I met some really nice Boston bloggers who invited me to some fun events. In 2014 I would like to make some changes to the blog but I am happy with the work I did in 2013.

You can find top ten lists online covering a variety of topics and events from 2013 so I decided to contribute my own top ten list.

Here are my top ten favorite Saturday Street Style posts from 2013:

#10: Food Truck throw down May 4, 2013 – this was my first Saturday Street Style post, I met some nice people and observed some stylish outfits.


#9: Newbury Street Jewelry Shopping June 15, 2013 – I met a talented jewelry designer, Michelle Freedman and added some nice pieces to my jewelry collection.

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#8: Road Trip to LBI July 20, 2013 – After an easy road trip I was able to hang out with my family on the beach. Great day!

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#7: Boston Seaport August 24, 2013 – I observed the Red Bull cliff diving practice and had cocktails and snacks with some friends.


#6: Art in Boston August 31, 2013 – After a visit to the Museum of Fine Arts I checked out the Boston Arts Festival.


#5: Beacon Hill September 21, 2013 – Beacon Hill is one of my favorite Boston neighborhoods. I did my own Beacon Hill stroll checking out some lovely boutiques.

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#4: Spectacle Island June 22, 2013 – I found this event thanks to Boston Magazine and I might not have tried this tour if not for this weekly post. I met a knowledgeable photographer and explored an area of Boston where I’ve never been.


#3: Watson Adventures August 3, 2013 – Boston Magazine also helped me find this event. I had a great time with my friends finding answers to the scavenger hunt questions in the north end and Faneuil Hall.

8313 014

#2: Catalyst Event June 29, 2013 – A blogger friend invited me along to this fun event. We enjoyed cocktails; sampled delicious dishes made with Kings Hawaiian bread and met some really nice food bloggers.


#1: Epcot – This post was about a family event, and it is my favorite 2013 Saturday memory.


In a year where YOLO was a popular expression and the word selfies was added to the dictionary I focused on enjoying time with my family and friends.

USA today top ten lists:


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