Tuesday Trend Day: the mustache

Today’s trend day post was inspired by a t-shirt I saw this morning with a large pink mustache design. Also, I would like to introduce a monthly post for the men. My plan is to publish a Manly Monday post on the first Monday of the month.

The mustache made a comeback a couple of years ago but there are still tons of products featuring the fake stache. The design is available on clothing and accessories, it is on tote bags, flasks, iphone cases etc. There are also a lot of fun mustache shaped kitchen items and there are many other quirky products inspired by the mustache.

Shopping in Faneuill Hall here are some products I found:

At Funusual:

528 008  Ice cube tray and sandwich cutter  528 007

At Newbury Comics:

528 010 528 011 528 014 528 015 528 016 528 017

Online Shopping:


This is a fun trend that makes me smile. I purchased these socks at Newbury Comics.

528 018

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