Tuesday Trend Day: Printed Tights and Leggings

Today’s post is about adding some printed tights or leggings to your wardrobe. I’m a big fan of wearing leggings and tights when the temperature drops. I’m also a fan of wearing printed or patterned tights. Today I wore my pink polka dot tights (Hue tights from Macy’s, see below). I also own some black… Continue reading Tuesday Trend Day: Printed Tights and Leggings

Tuesday Trend Day: the mustache

Today’s trend day post was inspired by a t-shirt I saw this morning with a large pink mustache design. Also, I would like to introduce a monthly post for the men. My plan is to publish a Manly Monday post on the first Monday of the month. The mustache made a comeback a couple of… Continue reading Tuesday Trend Day: the mustache

Favorite outfit

I believe that when a person looks good, they feel good. That statement is definitely true with me. I love it when an outfit I have chosen looks great; this puts me in a great mood. I also enjoy the compliments that come from a well chosen outfit. Who doesn’t love a nice compliment? I can remember… Continue reading Favorite outfit