Self-care beauty ideas: part 2

The second small business owner I’d like to promote is Jill Miller. I’ve been going to see her for over 10 years here in the North End of Boston.

Her website:

Her business has closed during this pandemic but you can order products from her through Instagram. I purchased this Vitamin C serum to go with my face wash I purchased from Page. I use this combo in the morning and I love it.

Both Page and Jill like the Image brand.

In Massachusetts they are starting to open businesses this month and next. This type of business opens during phase 2. I’m sure Jill will let everyone know when she is able to see clients again. Check out her Facebook Page: Jill Miller Esthetics and her website.

Her Instagram @jillmilleresthetics has lots of great skincare tips and product information:

Follow her on Instagram to read her tips and product recommendations.

I asked her to write about her skin care tips and her business, here is her post :

I feel like skincare doesn’t have to be super complicated, especially if the explanation is broken down properly. And I think it should be fun. I’m obsessed with seeing skin heal and thrive over time, and a client feeling their best! I’m forever posting products on social media that I find interesting, helpful, and maybe fun to use. If it’s boring what’s going to motivate you to do your routine twice a day?? And most of what I recommend I don’t actually carry or sell. I’ve always had a hard time with the industry standard that an esthetician should commit to one or maybe two skincare lines, and pay thousands of dollars to buy into the privilege of carrying a certain recognizable brand. I believe that most skincare lines have one or two really good products, and it’s my job to figure out what’s what and then make proper recommendations, regardless of whether or not I’m profiting financially from it. I would hate to be committed to just one product line! I’ve curated a handful of professional products from companies that don’t require huge minimum orders or buy in’s. I believe in these products whole heartedly, and the rest of my
Recommendations are out there in the world and I’m happy to tell you where to get them. 🙂
I enjoy working with all skin types. Every client has unique skin conditions and issues, and I love being a detective. Analyzing their products, routine, lifestyle-it all adds up to the big picture and that’s when it gets really exciting because that is when the puzzle pieces start fitting together and you see real change!

Nourishing, feeding, hydrating the skin is such a passion for me and is why I gravitate towards masking. Cleansing masks, exfoliating masks, finishing masks-and the masks I’m proud to say I’ve been carrying for years and am still as in love with them as I was on day one: jellymasks. Jelly masks, hydrojelly masks & rubber masks are the very best way to finish a treatment. They form an occlusive layer on the skin, a vacuum seal is created and all the product you’ve infused throughout their treatment is literally forced into their skin. It has no way to escape!
I’d say my most popular treatment is my customized facial. There’s no telling what will happen in that hour! It’s one set price, I don’t upsell my services or nickel & dime anyone; you will receive exactly what your skin needs that day based on our consultation and my analyzation. Rarely are two customized facials ever the same, so it keeps me sharp and keeps it fun!
I love meeting new people, and helping anyone out who has a skincare question whether they’re a client of mine or not. I have people reach out to me all the time on Instagram who I’ve never met, with really good questions. I love when this happens, and I’m not afraid to admit if I don’t know the answer. I’ll go out and find the answer!
I miss working, and seeing my clients who are more like friends. Here’s hoping we reach a new “normal” soon!

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