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Five on Friday

June 24, 2022

Summer bachelors like summer breezes, are never as cool as they pretend to be.” —Nora Ephron

One: Summer Activities and Trends

Summer officially arrived on June 21st. The summer season brings warmer temps, longer days, outdoor events, travel, and family fun.

When planning your summer activities, plan on creating some trendy outfits.

From In Style for women, I’m an Amazon Shopping Editor, and These Are 10 Things I’m Buying for Summer

From Forbes for men, The Most Stylish Outdoor Gear For Dads This Summer

For everyone: The Weekly Covet: Cute Summer Essentials for Beating the Heat in Style From floral dresses to breezy and lightweight button-downs, here’s what T&C editors are dressing in all season long.

Read my post about more summer activities and trends:

Two: What to watch


Civil: The documentary “Civil” follows Ben Crump, the prominent attorney who has represented families affected by police violence, for one turbulent year.

Man Vs. BeeRowan Atkinson returns to the physical comedy of “Mr. Bean” in “Man Vs Bee: Season 1” (TV-PG), playing a sweetly incompetent housesitter in a high-tech mansion bedeviled by … well, it’s all in the title. From Seattle Times

Umbrella Academy, “The third season of the offbeat superhero series “The Umbrella Academy” (TV-MA) pits the dysfunctional family of adoptive siblings against an alternate timeline team called The Sparrow Academy.”

Prime Video:

Chloe – From the Seattle Times, ‘A young woman (Erin Doherty) obsessed with the seemingly perfect life of a childhood friend turns from online stalking to social infiltration after her friend’s suicide in “Chloe” (2022, TV-MA). The British psychological thriller follows the emboldened woman down the rabbit hole of false identities and confidence games. All six episodes streaming. 

The One That Got Away – Prime Video’s new reality series The One That Got Away hits the streamer on June 24.


The Bear – From Vulture: Released in its entirety on Hulu, The Bear is a fast-paced series about a young fine-dining chef (Jeremy Allen White) who inherits his family’s sandwich shop in Chicago after his brother’s death and struggles with the switch and responsibilities. It’s a comedy, it’s a drama, it’s a dramedy, but above all, it’s a must-watch. (Or at least try watching the finale first before you decide.)

Only Murders in the Building– June 28 – Charles, Oliver, and Mabel will be back on the case come this June and I can’t wait! I love this crime-solving trio!


Westworld, Season four. I gave up on this series at season two but for those who kept watching, from Vulture, “How are we feeling, Westworld heads? Confused? Yeah, that seems about right, but unfortunately, we’re in too deep. Why stop now? Westworld season one was such an elusive gem of HBO sci-fi prestige (and season two even had its moments), so if you’ve made it as far as season three, we might as well see what’s next … even if the show fell into its own trappings of being a confounding style-over-substance mystery box. But alas! Season four promises Ariana DeBose and the return of James Marsden in an interesting love triangle with Evan Rachel Wood’s new not-Dolores character Christina. Ohhhh, Westworld.

Menudo: Forever Young – From USA Today: “But as “Menudo: Forever Young,” the four-part HBO Max docuseries that began streaming Thursday, unveils in searing interviews with 13 former members – not including Martin – life in the Puerto Rican-bred group, which disbanded in 2009, was hardly a joyfest.


Rise – From the New York Times: “Giannis: The Improbable Rise of an NBA MVP,” Mirin Fader’s biography of Giannis Antetokounmpo, portrays the Greek-born basketball superstar as a young man of sweet-natured innocence and irrepressible enthusiasm. Immigrating to the United States to play pro ball for the Milwaukee Bucks, where he was the 15th overall pick in the 2013 N.B.A. draft, he sees everything through eyes of guileless wonder: He’s dazzled by chocolate custard and hot dogs, by peanut butter bars and mixed-berry smoothies.

Apple TV+:

Loot – From Seattle Times, “Maya Rudolph stars in the comedy “Loot: Season 1” (TV-MA) as a high-living society woman whose dream life is upended by a cheating husband and public divorce. She decides to find herself — and put her fortune to good use — by throwing herself into charity work. Three episodes available, new episodes on Fridays.”

In Theaters:

Elvis, “Elvis has re-entered the building – or movie theater if we’re being specific.” From USA Today, “Butler shakes his hips and shows early on he’s got the stuff to play the iconic Presley in this busy drama that chronicles his life from childhood to his later days as a Vegas headliner. But a top-notch leading man and stunning musical numbers can only do so much to make up for an overstuffed narrative with pacing issues, a lack of focus and a surprisingly average outing for the usually great Hanks.

The Black Phone. “Based on the Joe Hill short story, Derrickson’s superbly crafted 1978-set chiller stars Mason Thames as Finney, a teen living in a Denver suburb where boys keep going missing, and he’s the next to be taken by the mysterious Grabber (Hawke). Finney is kept in a soundproof basement with a rotary phone where spirits of previous victims call to keep him alive and prepared for the villain, which Hawke inhabits with truly unnerving unpredictability.USA Today

Marcel the Shell With Shoes On. From Vulture: “Directed by Dean Fleischer-Camp, this sweet little film is based on Fleischer-Camp and Jenny Slate’s YouTube shorts about a tender young seashell (voiced by Slate). In the feature film, Marcel and his grandmother Connie are discovered by a documentarian who helps bring Marcel’s story online in an attempt to hopefully find his lost family. Bring a box of tissues.

Three: What to wear

Shorts: This clothing item is a staple for most summer events.

Women: Denim shorts are still trending

From Madewell: The Perfect Jean Short in Ellacott Wash Sale Price $84.50

More choices from Madewell in Denim Shorts

Top 10 Designer Denim Shorts: There’s A Reason Shoppers Splurge On These 10 Designer Denim Shorts


From GQ: The Best Shorts for Men Let Your Legs Breathe in Style

When you’re after a pair of regular, everyday shorts that fit like a charm, Alex Mill truly understands the assignment. Their strategy? Take their best-selling chino pants and chop ’em down for summer wear. Wide-legged and relaxed with just a hint of stretch, they’re about as versatile, comfortable, and timelessly stylish as a pair of shorts can be.Flat Front Shorts in Chino $98 from Alex Mill

Four: What to Try

Putting vegetables in your drinks:

Illustration: Patricia Doria

London’s Latest Drinking Craze Is the Vegetable Martini, Bartenders are turning the classic drink into a garden in a glass. “It was probably just a matter of time: With espresso martinis wielding a caffeine-charged grip on drinkers in the US, and orange-adorned Aperol spritzes asserting themselves everywhere there’s a sunny day, bartenders were bound to find their way to a vegetable martini. In London it’s the drink of the summer.

What to make your own veggie cocktail at home? Here are two articles with recipes:

From April 2022, Veggie Cocktails for Spring

From Pure Wow, 2016, Kale Smoothies Are Out. Veggie Cocktails Are In. Hola, avocado margarita

Five: What to do

Create a summer to-do list:

My Summer Trends and Activities post listed ten things I try to do every summer; here are the top five from that list:

  1. Go to the pool or beach
  2. Enjoy some ice cream (or another frozen treat)
  3. Dine outdoors
  4. Go to an outdoor event (In Boston, movie nights)
  5. Go for a bike ride or evening walk

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