Birthday Celebrations

“We gon’ party like it’s your birthday. We gon’ sip Bacardi like it’s your birthday” 50 Cent

How do you celebrate your birthday? Birthdays can be challenging for some people if you don’t like getting older. I want to celebrate another successful year around the sun. There are many options to choose from when planning a birthday celebration. Hopefully, you’ve had some fun celebrations.

I’m going to cover some options and highlight some of my celebrations.

Party or Event

Early birthday parties were great; you wore fun hats, ate cake, played games, and received fun toys. Maybe you matched your Holly Hobbie outfit to your cake.

The eating cake part was enjoyable for me because my Aunt Trish has made special cakes for family members over the years.

Snow White and the dwarfs.

Parties included sleepovers in the teen years. More cake and games!

Adult parties can also be fun, especially when your party has a DJ!

I chose to celebrate my 50th with family. It was my first time organizing an outdoor event; everything went well. We had a lovely venue (my cousin’s house), rented a tent, tables, and chairs, and catered for the event.

It’s also fun to plan a party at a venue. I celebrated 40 on a boat cruise with friends and family.

We celebrated my two birthdays together in 2013. My mom and brother had milestone birthdays, and we had a fun party with a DJ! Have I mentioned that my family enjoys a party with a DJ?

More desserts by Aunt Trish
My niece Molly had the appropriate amount of party energy.
Dad’s surprise party.

A small outdoor party is also fun. I celebrated my bday in 2020 with some close friends.

Dinner Out

If you prefer a smaller celebration, dine at one of your favorite restaurants. Dinner out can be a more intimate way to celebrate with family and friends.

Treat Yourself

If you don’t want to go out or have a party, find a way to treat yourself on your special day.

With your favorite drink:

Dirty martini with blue cheese stuffed olives.

Starbucks will treat you to a free drink if you’re a rewards member.

Joining a rewards program has its perks.

Other options

Take a trip or plan a day with one of your favorite activities. For example, plan a shopping day, spa day, hike, or bike ride.

There are many ways to celebrate your day, and I think doing something nice for yourself is essential. You get one day out of 365 days.

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