The Outfits in The Watcher

Netflix released the series The Watcher on October 13, 2022. A family moves into their dream home and is plagued by threatening letters, strange neighbors, and sinister threats; it is loosely based on actual events. Here is an article about the events that took place, The Watcher, A family bought their dream house. But according to the creepy letters they started to get, they weren’t the only ones interested in it. By Reeves Wiedeman in The Cut.

I enjoyed watching the series; there were enough changes to the true story to keep me guessing how the series would end.

My favorite part of the series was observing the outfits worn by the characters, especially by Naomi Watts.

I’m not alone in my obsession:

From Russh, Naomi Watts’ wardrobe is our favourite character in Netflix mystery ‘The Watcher’. “As the Netflix limited series gradually becomes scarier, Nora Brannock’s (played by Naomi Watts) style is restrained, contemporary and put-together. Layers of cashmere, scarves, cable-knit sweaters, polo shirts, wide-brim fedoras, trench coats and clean tailoring conspire with a neutral colour palette for wardrobe that one could describe as ‘Clubhouse’. Personally, Mia Farrow’s cultic outfits are more my bag. But if Nora was using the same internet as myself to shop, she’d be loading her cart with Khaite and The Row and Proenza Schouler and Jil Sander.

From The Candidly, We Can’t Stop Thinking About Naomi Watts’ Clothes From The Watcher. So We Found Them.Typically, when we see some affluent wife-and-mother character enrobed in expensive neutrals, it’s boring. It just reads “money.” But these outfits are always grounded in something interesting. Usually in the form of some tough-looking boot, creating the soft/hard juxtaposition of our wildest dreams.

From Marie Claire, Naomi Watts’ Outfits In ‘The Watcher’ Are An Ode To Decisive Minimalism. “We’ve dubbed it the ‘clean palette’ look, thanks for its wash of natural tones and textures that allows the wearer to shine thanks to its polished and always put together appearance.

Before I get into where to shop for some of these super stylish looks, I’d like to share some insights from one of the costume designers who worked on the series.

From Netflix (Tudum), ‘The Watcher’ Costume Designer Lou Eyrich on Those Chic Looks. “From Nora and Dean’s wardrobe of cashmere and silks in lush, dreamy neutrals to real estate agent Karen’s (Jennifer Coolidge) Chanel drip, the clothing in The Watcher is a subject all its own — one that complements the show’s themes of picture-perfect facades and what might lurk underneath.” 

Emmy-winning costume designer Lou Eyrich is the creative force behind the glorious looks. “I, alongside Rudy Mance and Catherine Crabtree, worked as a team to find inspiration, endless sourcing, monochromatic madness, and every color and style of matching his-and-hers tracksuits across the nation,” she tells Tudum. 

The Brannock family

Costume Inspiration and where to shop:

Karen Calhoun, played by Jennifer Coolidge

“We had a lot of her things custom-made,” the costume designer says.“But several of her jackets were H&M. Some of her dresses and skirts were Hervé Léger.”

Oversized Single-breasted Jacket $49.99 at H&M

Theodora Birch, played by Noma Dumezweni

Fittingly, given her clandestine career, Theodora’s looks may be deceiving. “Some of the characters are obvious — but Theodora, for example, she keeps you guessing,” Eyrich tells Tudum. “She’s a detective that wears capes, big jewels and gloves. You’re not sure what she’s up to.”

Sofia (red) – lambskin leather gloves with silk lining $99 from Leather Gloves Online

Ellie Brannock, played by Isabel Gravitt

The Ganna Long Shirt Jacket from Aritzia (sold out)

An effortlessly cool 16-year-old with a rebellious streak, Ellie is dressed in a mix of vintage pieces and Urban Outfitters. Her style is unbothered but still fashionable. 

AE Sherpa-Lined Plaid Shacket $89.95

Dean Brannock, played by Bobby Cannavale

Dean is styled to complement and coordinate with Nora. Eyrich explains that he was to appear monied, aspirational, tonal and handsome. However, Cannavale wasn’t sold on the neutral-chic look at first. 

The Watcher Dean Brannock Jacket $139

Nora Brannock, played by Naomi Watts

Knits, creams and tennis whites are all central to Nora’s signature aesthetic. “Nora was a ceramicist, an artist,” Eyrich tells Tudum. “Ryan wanted her in monochromatic creams, camels and grays. We searched websites like Net-a-Porter for styles that would work for her.” Those brands include Ralph Lauren, Vince, Anine Bing, Birkenstock, Halston, Totem, Jenni Kayne and J.Crew. Nora’s jewels are a mixture of timeless and modern, with pieces from Gabriela Artigas and Foundrae.

My post on monochrome looks:

Nora Brannock mostly had two types of looks, her daytime (and evening) monochromatic outfits and her country club outfits.

Elizabeth Coat $325 Marcella New York
LIDO WIDE-LEG WOOL PANT $150 Banana Republic
Khaite Jo cashmere-blend sweater $720
V-neckline oversize sweater $59.99 at Mango

The accessories:

I loved Nora Brannock’s jewelry collection. I wear mostly gold jewelry, and I loved seeing how her character combined the different pieces she owned.

Twisted Dash Ring $108 Soko
Tubular ring $178 My Theresa

Nora created several looks with her necklaces by stacking different pieces.

Toggle Chain Necklace Set Price $48.00 at Madewell
Ana Coin Lariat $75 Gorjana

For more shopping of Nora’s looks:

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