Cheesy Christmas Movie Update

I wrote about cheesy Christmas movies on December 2nd and challenged myself to watch 25 cheesy movies by December 25th.

When I started the challenge, I was going only to watch 2022 movies. I had enough to choose from; according to Vulture, 153 new holiday movies were released this year from October to December. There Are 153 New Holiday Movies This Year. Every Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa film made for Lifetime, Hallmark, and more, organized by theme. The grand total of original holiday films in 2022 is, by our count, a startling 153, appearing across 25 television networks and streaming services.” I’ve watched 12 of these movies in my challenge so far. 

I have not been able to keep up with my cheesy movie challenge. This week I was distracted by family activities and Emily in Paris season 3 release. I have watched 21 cheesy Christmas movies this year; a few were released before 2022, and I watched a couple before my challenge officially started.

I will watch a few more by Christmas, but I’m unsure if I will reach my goal.

I have posted ratings on Instagram for every movie I watched. Here is the full list with ratings:

I changed my rating system after I started watching this category of movies. There are too many tropes to list, but I settled on 35 that I’d seen in several movies.

1Activity in the snow: sledding, snowman, snowball fight, or kiss
2A Christmas tree in several rooms and/or over-the-top Christmas decor
3Christmas-themed items: cookies, beverages, matching outfits, holiday sweater
4A snowy town or city and/or a major snowstorm
5Romantic activity: drive, meal together, stroll, ice skating, bike ride, slow dance
6Tree trimming/tree lighting
7animals are in the story: a cute dog that steals items or gets into trouble or horseback riding
8character overcomes obstacles, gets a promotion, or has a successful moment
9A party or gala (around Christmas)
10Singing and/or caroling
11drinking hot beverages
12toast with friends or family
13small town activity
14Santa appears (any version of Santa)
15Someone gets a makeover
16a business is saved
17Divorced/widowed character (finds love)
18a Christmas wish is granted
19montage of cute moments together (flashback or current)
20a person relocates
21Awkward almost kiss
22hate turns to love, or mismatched characters fall in love, or they fight and makeup
23Executive forced to relax or is mean and becomes a good person
24Someone is sick/injured or is recovering from sickness/injury
25quirk side character offers advice (family member, friend, or stranger)
26grouchy character or character with an accent or speaking a foreign language
27transportation issues or a scene is an airport or train station
28Crying (over a lost loved one or failed romance)
29a special gift is given
30a character lies or has a secret
31a person who gave up on love finds it
32family drama or conflict that gets resolved or family members reunite
33Activity by the fireplace
34love triangle or old flames reunite
35characters bump into each other or a character is clumsy and breaks things

Each trope was worth 5 points, and the movie could score 175 points. I also rated each move on a scale of 1 to 5 in watchability.

Summaries by streaming service or network


Number of movies watched: 7 (Christmas with You, The Noel Diary, Falling for Christmas, A Castle for Christmas, I Believe in Santa, Holiday in the wild, and A Christmas Prince)

Quality of movies: good to excellent

Favorite: A tie between Falling for Christmas and A Castle for Christmas. I watched both movies with my family, which added to the watching fun. We played cheesy Christmas movie bingo while watching A Castle for Christmas. I created the board and tropes to fill in the squares using the above trope list. Everyone filled out their own board, and we had several bingos.

There are several versions of cheesy Christmas movie bingo available online. This was the best one I found: Hallmark Movie Bingo from The Kittchen.

One of the boards featured in the post.

My Least Favorite: I Believe in Santa

Prime Video

Number of movies watched: 2 (Something at Tiffany’s and Your Christmas or Mine?)

Quality of movies: Good to Excellent

I loved both movies; they had more comedic and cute moments than cheesy ones.


Number of movies watched: 4 (Merry Kiss Cam, My Christmas Fiance, Christmas on Repeat, and Catering Christmas)

Quality of movies: Fair to Poor

Favorite: Merry Kiss Cam

My Least Favorite: My Christmas Fiance


Number of movies watched: 3 (The Most Colorful Time of the Year, A Big Fat Family Christmas, and The Holiday Sitter)

Quality of movies: Good

Favorite: Tie A Big Fat Family Christmas and The Holiday Sitter

My Least Favorite: None. Even the lowest-scored Hallmark movies weren’t too bad.


Number of movies watched: 3 (Cloudy with a Chance of Christmas, Single and Ready to Jingle, and Scentsational Christmas)

Quality of movies: Fair

All Lifetime movies earned 2 out of 5 Christmas trees; I don’t have any that I loved or hated. They were very cheesy and heavy on Christmas tropes and decorations.

HBO max

Number of movies watched: 1

Quality of movies: Good

A Hollywood Christmas was funny and cute, with a little cheesiness. Great outline of Christmas movie tropes.

Paramount+ (CBS movie)

Number of movies watched: 1

Quality of movies: Good

Must love Christmas was cheesy and cute.

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