Five on Friday

I started my weekly newsletter, Notes of a Fashionista, on Friday, April 22, 2022. I’ve been updating it and editing the content weekly, but the format has stayed the same. It’s called Five on Friday; I have five sections to the newsletter: One changes every week and covers trends, life events, travel, or celebrities; Two is what to watch; Three is what to wear, Four is what to try, and Five is what to do.
How it started

I created my fashion and lifestyle blog in 2011 and haven’t been consistent with my posts. I wanted to create weekly content. Inspired by The Daily Skimm, I decided to create a newsletter. The parts of the newsletter were based on topics I read about daily. I wanted the topics to be entertaining, no heavy news or controversial topics. I gather most of my content from other sources, putting together an easy-to-read summary of trending topics.

I started writing about trends I’d seen and shows that were popular.

The micro mini skirt was the first trend I wrote about.
The Flight Attendant

The Five Parts

Part One

Part one changes every week and covers trends, life events, travel, or celebrities. I wanted to write a weekly post that could be linked to the newsletter. Sometimes, the topic of the week was used in the other parts of the newsletter and created a theme for the week.

I wrote about fashion trends, seasonal activities, trending topics, my recent travel, and traditions.

One of my first topics was the coastal grandmother trend and Nancy Meyers.

photo: IMDb

The next trend I wrote about is one of my favorites, coastal chic and resort wear. I love a caftan and a big hat.

Murray Bartlett, Steve Zahn and Connie Britton in The White Lotus. Courtesy of Mario Perez / HBO.

Seasonal posts:

Summer Fitness
Fall Traditions
Cheesy Christmas Movies and Cheesy movie update

Travel posts:

Newport, RI
Part Two: What to Watch

Part two has changed the most over time. First, I started this section to share trending movies and series and only wrote about a few new releases. Then, I changed it to include all new releases on most streaming services.

The title of this part is What to Watch, but it would take a lot of work to watch all of the new releases in one week. I’ve compiled my list using several sources. I aim to give you a thorough update of new shows and movies in one spot.

Netflix releases the most shows and series in one week; several are dubbed in English and are less known. One or two titles trend in a week, but I include most new releases if you want to check out something new.

I include descriptions, pictures, and reviews of the most popular new releases.

The Watcher was trending last year for the story and the outfits.
Hacks season 2 is one of my favorites from 2022. HBO Max
Parts Three and Four

What to Wear and What to Try

Before I created the newsletter, I found myself reading several articles about specific fashion, food, and beauty trends. My goal every week was to post about the most popular trends. Some weeks the trend that was featured went with my weekly topic.

I don’t expect you to wear and try every trend I write about, but I want you to know the trends people are discussing.

One goal of my newsletter is to provide things to discuss around the water cooler at work or a social event.

What to Try on 5/13/23: The Dirty Shirley
What to Try 2/3/23: Pour over coffee
Part Five: What to Do

The topics of this newsletter section focus on seasonal activities. Living in Boston, I share events happening in the Boston area.

Coming Soon

I might be making some changes to the parts of the newsletter, but I plan to keep it going in 2023.

The goal of my newsletter is to share trends in fashion, beauty, food, travel, and entertainment. So enter your email below to subscribe.

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