Summer Fitness

Summer brings warmer temperatures and longer days; these two things should get us outside for some summer activities. Last week I wrote about yoga and taking an outdoor yoga class, but if you’re not into yoga, you can find another outdoor class or activity to enjoy.

I reached out to Deja Riley, one of my favorite fitness instructors from the Mirror, to share her favorite summer activities and tips.

What I love about Deja – in the Mirror workouts:

A variety of instructors lead workouts on the Mirror, but I clicked with a few instantly when I started a new class. Deja was one of those instructors. She’s upbeat and encouraging, and I felt she was cheering me on even during a previously recorded class. I met her at a yoga event; she has the same energy in person as in my Mirror. So when I decided to write about summer fitness, I had to reach out to Deja.

Who is Deja Riley?

When it comes to fitness, Deja Riley is not the obvious choice. She’s Black, has natural hair, and tattoos yet she’s one of the most sought-after lululemon ambassadors and trainers for the MIRROR home gym.

After starting her career as a dancer, performing for the likes of Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, J.Lo, and Beyoncé, Deja transitioned from her decade-long dance career to fitness, creating Deja Riley Athletics to feed her physical impulses and inspire people to perspire. Deja serves on lululemon’s advisory board as an inclusion, diversity, equity and action (IDEA) representative. You can also find Deja on lululemon billboards and stores across the world, as one of the faces of “FEEL,” their largest, fully-integrated global brand advertising campaign to date.

Summer Fitness Questions for Deja:

What are your favorite summer workouts?

I prefer hiking, kayaking, or dancing.

How do you deal with warmer temperatures and higher humidity when you work out outside?

Find the shade and stay hydrated.

What summer activities do you recommend to stay healthy that aren’t too intense?

Walk your dog, stretch and do yoga, yard work, or freestyle swimming.

What do you wear for your summer workouts?

Lululemon sports top with bottoms.

What is the sweaty smile squad, and how do we join it?

The Sweaty Smile Squad is a community of people that want to see change in the world and in their lives. We believe fitness is for every BODY. We promote inclusivity and celebrate each other. You are already a member – as long as you keep that smile on your face. However, you can officially join through Facebook or Instagram. Open to all.

How can we join your workouts?

Join me on the Mirror weekly or tune into my Sweaty Smile Squad Instagram for some fun inspiration.

Five Fashion Questions for Deja:

What is your favorite wearable item that you own?

  • Lululemon restfeel slides 

What is your favorite brand?

  • Lululemon

What is your favorite way to shop? (in person or online)

  • Online preferred, but in person if it is a new brand.

What is your favorite footwear? (Heels, flats, sandals, or sneakers)

  • Sneakers

Who is your style icon? 

  • Zoe Kravitz

Shop at Lululemon for summer fitness gear:

Shop for the Mirror:

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