The Nancy Meyers Obsession

Who is Nancy Meyers, and why is everyone talking about her movies?

Nancy Meyers is a writer, director, and producer whose woman-centered movies are in the spotlight right now. Especially those movies where the women live their best lives in their “coastal grandmother” look.

From IMDb, here is a list of films written by Nancy Meyers.

Filmography: Writing credits

 2015 The Intern (written by)

 2009 It’s Complicated (written by)

 2006 The Holiday (written by)

 2003 Something’s Gotta Give (written by)

 1998 The Parent Trap (screenplay)

 1995 Father of the Bride Part II (screenplay)

 1994 I Love Trouble (written by)

 1992 Once Upon a Crime… (screenplay)

 1991 Father of the Bride (screenplay)

 1987 Baby Boom (written by)

 1986 Jumpin’ Jack Flash (screenplay – as Patricia Irving)

 1984 Protocol (story by)

 1984 Irreconcilable Differences (written by)

 1980 Private Benjamin (written by)

Some of my favorite movies have made this list. I’ve seen some of them several times; I watch The Holiday almost every year at Christmas time.

I enjoy watching her movies because one or two central characters tend to be strong, successful women with great outfits.

There is a formula to many movies written by Meyers; this article in Vulture does a great job breaking it down.

It’s not only the fashion that is part of the Meyers obsession but also the decor. I’m not going to cover that in this post. Some sources if you are interested in the Meyers decor:

A Beautiful Mess podcast:

I’m will discuss some films by Nancy Meyers that stand out to me and the fashion pieces that dominate these films.

Private Benjamin and Protocol are two comedies I remember watching in the ’80s. They don’t fit the typical Nancy Meyers format, but I enjoyed the character development in both films. Socialite to Army officer and cocktail waitress to politico. Notable fashion from these movies: the black dress in Private Benjamin and the cocktail dresses worn in Protocol.

In my opinion, Jumpin Jack Flash is an under-rated ’80s comedy, Meyers co-wrote the screenplay, and Penny Marshall directed it. Is it a silly comedy? Yes, but there are funny bits and fun ’80s styles worn by Whoopi Goldberg. Notable fashion: she wore some great sweaters, jackets, scarves, and colorful sneakers in the film.

Diane Keaten takes the lead in fashion and stand-out performances.

Starting with Baby Boom

Notable fashion: the power suit. In this film, Keaten had great suits, jackets, crossbody bags, and jewelry.

Father of the Bride 1 and 2

Classic, timeless Keaton clothing worn in these movies: the button-down with scarves or pearls, khaki pants, and skirts.

The fashion in Something’s Gotta Give is the main driver behind the coastal grandmother trend: v-neck sweaters, scarves, wraps, light layers, bucket hats, button-down shirts, khaki pants, and classic dresses.

Image © Columbia Pictures Corporation

It’s Complicated is also referenced when discussing the coastal grandmother trend. Meryl Streep’s character wears the basic button-down look and adds caftans, wraps, some shiny jackets, and luxe robes.

The movies about successful women living their best lives with some complications include The Holiday and The Intern.

The leading women wear some of my favorite cozy and chic trends in The Holiday. Cameron Diaz’s character wears warm sweaters, scarves, and fur-trimmed jackets in the cottage and then wows us with her date-night outfit.

Kate Winslet gives us cozy coastal California vibes with blazers and tops and keeps her evening wear chic with the little black dress.

photo credit

The Intern is a Meyers film that doesn’t get referenced much when people discuss her aesthetic. Still, it’s worth mentioning because Anne Hathaway’s character dresses as a millenial CEO might dress-wearing classic blazers and dresses.

Photograph Courtesy Francois Duhamel/Warner Bros.

The fashion of the men:

Meyers’s films leading men provide classic dad outfits, business attire, and casual wear.

© 2009 Universal Studios

In Father of the Bride, Steve Martin Went Full American Cool Dad

©Buena Vista Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection

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