Prep for Summer

The official first day of summer is Wednesday, June 21, 2023. The unofficial start to summer is Memorial Day weekend. It’s not too early to prepare for warmer temperatures and summer activities.

Health and Beauty


Checking your sunscreen collection is crucial to preparing for the sunny summer days. Of course, you should be using sunscreen year around, but you will need more during the warmer days when more skin is exposed and when the sun is out longer.

How old is your sunscreen?

From Consumer Reports, Does Sunscreen Expire? “The Food and Drug Administration, which regulates sunscreens, mandates that sunscreens be formulated to stay stable and effective for three years. And they will remain so, even if the container has been opened.” 

Check out natural sunscreens:

From Forbes Health, What Is Natural Sunscreen?There are two types of sunscreen: mineral (also known as natural or physical sunscreen) and chemical. While the two serve the same purpose—to protect skin from skin cancer, sunburn and premature aging—they have distinct characteristics.” “Mineral sunscreens work by reflecting the sun,” says Beth Goldstein, M.D., co-founder of Modern Ritual—a holistic skincare line for men—and president at Central Dermatology in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. “There’s some absorption of sunlight by the minerals, but most of its effect is by reflecting the sun.” This physical barrier provides immediate protection once mineral sunscreen is applied. Chemical sunscreen absorbs into the skin where it then absorbs UV rays before filtering them back out of the skin. There’s typically a 15 to 30 minute delay in between applying chemical sunscreen and full-sun protection due to this absorption process, according to Scott Paviol, M.D., a dermatologist at Paviol Dermatology in Charlotte, North Carolina.

I tried this brand last year, and I love it.

Sonrei Sea Clearly Translucent Gel Sunscreen SPF 30 $39 at Page Aesthitics

From the Strategist, All the Best Natural and Mineral Sunscreens (That We’ve Written About on the Strategist)

Bug Repellents:

From Grove collaborative, 10 best natural bug repellents that actually work..

This is a good travel sized choice:

Mosquito Repellent Stick $6.99 Grove

Skin treatments, makeup, and perfume:

Your skin needs different treatments in the summer, now is an excellent time to look at your summer beauty routine. Changing seasons should bring some changes to your makeup routine as well.

From 2022 Who What Wear, My Summer Beauty Routine Is All Brand-New: 23 Products So Good I Could Scream.

From 2021 Vogue, 17 New Beauty Products That Will Get You in the Mood for Summer

Beauty recommendations from Who What Wear, Hundreds of Beauty Products Later, These 51 Made Our Cut for “Best of April”

Get your closet ready

It’s time to put away bulky sweaters and heavy clothes. Pull out dresses and short sleeve shirts.


From My Domaine, This is Your Ultimate Guide to Closet Organization

After cleaning out your closet, you can create a capsule wardrobe. The Capsule Wardrobe: How to Reduce Your Closet to 37 Pieces

From PureWow, 9 Fashion Trends, from High-Shine Metallics to Colorful Blurring, That Will Be Huge This Summer.

Plan outfits for summer events:

If you have graduations, weddings, and parties coming up, think about clothes you have that could work for these events. Or rent or buy a new outfit. Read my post from last year, Dressing for Summer Weddings

When picking out an outfit, think about the best footwear for the venue of the event.

Take out your summer accessories:

Take out your summer hats, scarves, sunglasses, and bags.

Get ready for summer travel

Be prepared for delays when flying and driving. Schedule a full day between travel and the event you are flying to. When driving, be aware of traffic delays and plan accordingly.

From the Boston Globe, Air travel is expected to rebound this summer. Here’s why that’s a problem for Logan.

From 10 Boston, Summer Travel Season is Just Weeks Away – Here’s What to Know

Have things to do while waiting:

From Real Simple, 20 Must-Read Books Releasing Summer 2023

Plan your travel:

If you still need to book your summer travel, make those plans now. Flights fill up, and rental houses and hotels can take a lot of work to find.

From Travel + Leisure, Here’s How Much Travel Will Cost People This Summer

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