Quiet Luxury

“Quiet luxury” or “stealth wealth” have been trending recently. These terms define a style that has been around for years, but the labels are new. Part of the popularity of these labels is due to the HBO show, Succession, and some buzz is due to the obsession with the Gwyneth Paltrow court case. 

From Refinery 29, From Succession To TikTok, There’s Nothing Silent About Quiet Luxury.

The naming of trends and styles has become pedantic. People have been dressing in popular trends for years; now, the fashion community has to name them all. As a fashion blogger, I read and write posts about them because I want to share popular and trending topics. My posts are for readers who wish to know about current trends.

I don’t expect my readers to embrace every new talked-about trend, which would be challenging to achieve. For example, the outfits seen on the characters of Succession and Gwyneth are nice, but only a few people can afford the same looks. 

This outfit costs around $3000. Photo: Rick Bowmer-Pool/Getty Images

I did enjoy reading the buzz about Gwyneth’s courtroom outfits, but the amount of money it would take to copy her exact outfits is ridiculous.  

I wrote about Gwyneth and her courtroom looks: https://lifestyleofafashionista.com/2023/04/07/the-gravity-of-gwyneth/

Opposition to the trend from PureWow, Recession-Core Is Trending on TikTok and Red Carpets, but Honestly It Just Highlights Class Divide

Quiet Luxury and Succession

“Succession” follows the Roy siblings — Logan, Shiv and Roman, above — as they vie to take over Waystar Royco, a media conglomerate founded by their father, Logan Roy.

As Succession is wrapping up this weekend, I wanted to write about this popular fashion trend seen on the show. I didn’t watch the show; most characters were terrible people, and I didn’t enjoy watching their interactions. Perhaps, now that the series is ending, I will give it another try.

I have enjoyed reading about the fashion on the show; I love when shows feature stylish clothing. The outfits and accessories in the show created several jokes on the show and social media.

Some of the show’s most talked about fashion pieces included a Burberry tote bag, deemed by a character as “ludicrously capacious,” calfskin Lanvin sneakers that were the wrong choice for a business meeting, and the boat shoes worn to the office.

The costume designer behind the famous looks is Michelle Matland. Here is an interview with her in the Huffington Post, How Lurking On Wall Street Influenced ‘Succession’ FashionMichelle Matland would study the Murdochs and other wealthy people as she envisioned the HBO show’s costume design.

From the New Yorker, Let’s Talk About the Clothes on “Succession”

From The Cut, Succession Makes Luxury Fashion Look Brutally Basic

From GQ, Jeremy Strong Stole Kendall Roy’s Sunglasses, and So Should You

Shopping and Wearing Quiet Luxury

I have included several articles about the quiet luxury trend in this post; I will summarize an easy way to dress in this trend.

The quiet luxury look is polished; well put together, with minimal accessories.

A women wearing the trend in the airport.

I spotted this woman who is embracing the trend. No apparent logos exist, and the outfit is simple and put together. I have no idea how much her outfit costs. The clothes might be designer; there is no way of knowing by looking at them. (She was a million-mile member, sitting in first class.)

Another first class passenger wearing the trend.

Somebody can achieve the simplicity of the quiet luxury looks without spending obscene amounts on their outfits.

From PureWow, Quiet Luxury Is the Shiv Roy-Approved Fashion Trend. Here’s How to Wear It

Dramatic Eveningwear – Lulu’s dress $109

From The Everygirl, What’s Quiet Luxury? We Broke Down How to Nail it on a Budget. This article names luxury brands like The Row and Max Mara; clothes from these retailers would require an investment in this trend. However, the article also gives you brands where you can buy nice looks for less money.

Oversized waistcoat with lapels from Mango $129.99.

Here are lots of shopping options from Who What Wear:

I Stumbled Upon a Trove of Quiet-Luxury Staples, and These 6 Wowed Me IRL

If Your Vibe Is Old-Money Auntie, You’ll Love These 28 J.Crew Finds

If Looking Rich Is Your Goal, You Need to Check Out These 38 Under-$150 Finds

These 35 Cheap Basics Are the Key to a Perfect Quiet-Luxury Summer Wardrobe

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