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Five on Friday

November 4, 2022

“Color! What a deep and mysterious language, the language of dreams.”Paul Gauguin

One: Monochrome outfits

A monochrome outfit is a full dress combination (usually including headwear, purse, footwears, and other accessories) that uses only variations of a single color, usually differing only in lightness and darkness. Wikipedia

Enjoying my oreoes while wearing a monochrome outfit.

I’ve recently seen many stylish monochrome outfits on celebrities, on television, and in person on strangers; this has inspired the topic for this week.

Read about it:

Two: What to watch

My goal with this newsletter section is to inform you of the new shows and movies released on the different streaming services and in theaters. Then, you can choose your favorites to watch. This list of shows is for the week ending on 11/4/22.

The most buzzed about movies this week are Enola Holmes 2 and Causeway. Read the descriptions below for more information.




Enola Holmes 2 (mystery/crime), Enola takes on her first official case as a detective, but to solve the mystery of a missing girl, she’ll need help from friends — and brother Sherlock. Starring Mille Bobby Brown. Review from AV Club, Enola Holmes 2 offers another plucky romp around old-timey London

Elesin Oba: The King’s Horseman (drama/history), After his king dies, a horseman must sacrifice himself to serve his ruler in the afterlife — but sudden distractions lead to unexpected tragedy.


Ricardo Hubbs / Netflix

Blockbuster “Netflix making a comedy series about Blockbuster is low-key one of the best and funniest things the streamer has done. Blockbuster is an ensemble comedy that takes place in the last Blockbuster Video in the US. The show will explore what, and who, it takes for a small business to succeed against all odds.” Buzzfeed

The Fabulous (k-drama), Four best friends chase their dreams in the competitive world of fashion while juggling demanding jobs, romantic dilemmas and wild nights on the town.

The Final Score (miniseries), The complicated relationship between the members of the Colombian national team and some dangerous people ended with the death of one defender of the National Team.

Netflix / Via

Manifest: A hit in reruns on Netflix after being canceled by NBC, this paranormal mystery-melodrama gets a fourth and final season at its streaming homeNYT

Buying Beverly Hills (reality), Real estate king Mauricio Umansky, his stepdaughter Farrah and daughter Alexia lead the cast of this reality series.

Lookism (anime series), In a society that favors good looks, a high school outcast leads a double life switching between his two bodies that are polar opposites in appearance.


Killer Sally (series), Interviews with friends, family and Sally McNeil herself chart a bodybuilding couple’s rocky marriage and its shocking end in a Valentine’s Day murder.

Orgasm Inc: The Story of OneTaste (series),  In new documentary Orgasm Inc., OneTaste and its controversial founder Nicole Daedone promised its members sexual liberation.

FYI: Lawsuit asks Netflix to release documentary ‘Orgasm Inc.’ without ‘misappropriated’ sexually explicit material


DANGEROUS LIAISONS, This new adaptation of the Choderlos de Laclos novel was announced nearly a decade ago, with Christopher Hampton, who had already based a play and a film on the novel, attached as writer once again. Hampton didn’t remain as the writer — he gets an executive producer credit — but the mini-series has arrived billed as the “origin story” of the Marquise de Merteuil and the Vicomte de Valmont. Apparently they weren’t always jaded monsters. NYT


Director by Night (documentary film), Acclaimed composer Michael Giacchino made his directorial debut with Marvel Studios’ Special Presentation “Werewolf by Night.” “Director by Night” explores Giacchino’s vision, style and approach to bringing the chilling story to life, as well as offering an insider’s look at the between-the-scenes making of “Werewolf by Night.”

The Dora Milaje-Disney+

Marvel Studios Legends: “King T’challa,” “Princess Shuri,” and “The Dora Milaje,” (series), As the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to expand, Marvel Studios: Legends celebrates and codifies what has come before. Revisit the epic heroes, villains and moments from across the MCU in preparation for the highly anticipated stories still to come.


God Forbid: The Sex Scandal That Brought Down a Dynasty (documentary film), This film offers former Fontainbleau Hotel pool attendant Giancarlo Granda’s own retelling and perspective of his experience being trapped in a seven-year affair with a charming older woman named Becki Falwell and her husband, Evangelical Trump stalwart Jerry Falwell Jr. 

Prime Video:

My Policeman (2022 film)

El Presidente: The Corruption Game

El Presidente: The Corruption Game (season 2), To be released worldwide Nov. 4 on Prime Video, Amazon Original “El Presidente: The Corruption Game,” from Academy Award winner Armando Bo, is a Latin American series about how a Brazilian, João Havelange, wrestled control from Europe of the biggest sport on earth.



Chris Redd: Why Am I Like This? (comedy), Chris Redd digs into his days of living life like a music video and realizing that even if he’ll never be tall enough to dunk, he can still grow as a person.

Low Country: The Murdaugh Dynasty
(documentary series), The investigation of Alex Murdaugh, a lawyer accused of murdering his wife and his son Paul on the night of June 7, 2021.

Titans (Season 4) 

Magnolia Table with Joanna Gaines, (season 7)


The Capture, (season 2, episodes 1-6), When soldier Shaun Emery’s (Callum Turner) conviction for a murder in Afghanistan is overturned due to flawed video evidence, he returns to life as a free man. However, Shaun’s life takes a shocking turn when damning CCTV footage from a night out in London comes to light. DI Rachel Carey (Holliday Grainger) who is investigating Shaun’s case quickly learns that the truth can sometimes be a matter of perspective in a troubling world of “deepfakes.”

Apple TV+:

Selena Gomez backstage Photo: Courtesy Apple TV+

Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me (documentary film), After years in the limelight, Selena Gomez achieves unimaginable stardom. But just as she reaches a new peak, an unexpected turn pulls her into darkness. An intimate study which spans her six-year journey into a new light.

Jennifer Lawrence in “Causeway.”WILSON WEBB/APPLE TV+ VIA AP

Causeway  This subdued drama about an Army vet with a brain injury is bound to get attention for Jennifer Lawrence’s first starring role in four years (Don’t Look Up doesn’t count), but it’s Brian Tyree Henry’s performance, which contends with wounds of a different kind, that is the real standout. —Alison Willmore New York Magazine

The Mosquito Coast  (season 2) Justin Theroux returns for the second season of this adaptation of his uncle Paul’s best-selling novel. After Theroux’s idealistic, maniacal Allie Fox led his family to Latin America for a new life, his frustrated wife Margot (Melissa George) steps into the limelight and potentially back onto the grid. International fugitivity is bad for marriage but great for dramatic tension. —Roxana Hadadi New York Magazine

In Theaters:

The Estate (comedy), Two sisters try to win over their terminally ill, difficult-to-please aunt in hopes of becoming the beneficiaries of her wealthy estate, only to find the rest of their greedy family has the same idea.


Dear Zoe (drams), When Tess and her family suffer an unimaginable loss, she finds support from a surprising source: her biological father – a lovable slacker from the wrong side of the tracks – and the charming but dangerous juvenile delinquent next door.

Utama (drama/narrative), An elderly Quechua couple live a tranquil life in the arid Bolivian highlands. While Virginio takes their small herd of llamas out to graze, Sisa keeps house and walks for miles with other local women to fetch precious water. When an uncommonly long drought threatens everything they know, they must decide whether to stay and maintain their traditional way of life or admit defeat and move in with family members in the city.

Good Night Oppy (documentary), Charting the remarkable true story of Opportunity, a NASA exploration rover that was sent to Mars for a 90-day mission but ended up surviving for 15 years.

Three: What to wear

Dad Sneakers: When you hear dad sneakers, what brand do you think of? It should be New Balance. Why? We’ve seen this brand of sneakers on dads in real life and in the movies.

New Balance sneakers in Crazy Stupid Love (2011, Warner Bros., screen capture)

Now these sneakers are worn by supermodels and celebrities along with suburban dads.

Here’s a good post about the trend: WHY ARE NEW BALANCE THE ULTIMATE DAD SHOE?, from Social Dad

For women and men:

I Tried the Dad Sneakers That Supermodels Keep Selling Out, and Now I Get the Hype, “Some say the dad shoe trend has been around since 2018, others would argue it actually started back in 2013; ask actual dads, and they’ll scream the ‘80s. But one thing we can all agree on is I’m super late to this Larry David-inspired party. Prior to the purchase of the shoes, I leaned more towards Vejas and Converse, but now that my feet have been treated to the wide, plushy coziness of a true dad shoe, I realize I never knew true comfort before this year.” InStyle

Unisex 574 $84.99

The New Balance website says its 574 sneakers were “built to be a reliable shoe.” In other words, they were designed solely to get you from point A to B in the most comfortable way possible. They need not look good, their only job is to be practical. But they do look good. They look good with straight leg jeans or trousers, paired with an oversized knit or crop top. Turns out, anybody can pull off the dad sneaker — just ask the supermodels.You can snag the 574 in women’s, men’s, and unisex options — they come in various colors and designs, including retro editions and platform styles.Renée Reardin InStyle

Bodega x New Balance 574 Legacy $129.99 (unisex)

More options: from Glamour, 16 New Balance Dad Shoes You Need on Your Feet ASAP

Four: What to Try

Fried Pasta

From the Food Network

There are a few ways to fry your pasta:

In oil: Food Network Fried Pasta Recipe

And stuffed: Pumpkin Ricotta Crunchy Pasta Snacks, recipe from The Food in my Beard

In an air fryer or oven:

From All Recipes: How to Make Air Fryer Pasta Chips Spiced up 10 Different Ways


    Five: What to do

    Turn back clocks on Saturday, November 5th. Love it or hate it, it’s that time of year when we fall back. 

    The Atlantic, Rejoice in the End of Daylight Saving Time. “It’s the most wonderful day of the year!” By Katherine J. Wu

    Prepare for the holidays: I have plans to write about Christmas decor, movies, and traditions in December, but you can start getting ready for holiday fun now. 

    Starbucks released their holiday drinks this week. From PureWow, The Best Starbucks Holiday Drinks of 2022, Ranked

    holiday drinks at Starbucks

    I know some people start celebrating and preparing for Christmas on November 1st; I’ve seen the posts on Instagram.

    If you’re ready to start the holiday fun, read my blog post covering: wish lists, gift lists, holiday outfits, holiday cards, and advent calendars.

    The post include Oprah’s list: Oprah’s Favorite Things 2022 List Is Here! Oprah selected 104 gifts for everyone on your holiday list.

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