2023 Goals

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I didn’t set my new year’s goals in December and January. However, I started working on them this week. I like to take the month of January to recover from December activities and reflect on my 2022 activities and goals.

Last year I set some healthy habit goals after attending a yoga retreat in February. For me, it’s best to percolate my thoughts and ideas before setting new goals.

From Gallop, Seven in 10 Americans Likely to Set Goals for 2023. Seven in 10 U.S. adults are poised to set goals for themselves at the start of the new year, with one-third telling Gallup they are “very likely” to do so and another 38% “somewhat likely.”

Goal setting is widely touted as crucial to success in various life domains. But scores of personal development experts insist that achieving goals requires writing them down, determining the specific steps needed to reach them and tracking one’s progress.

Goal setting is a very personal process. You can share goals with family and friends to hold yourself accountable or keep track of them on your own.

From Buffalo News, How to set productivity goals for 2023

From PureWow, PureWow Editor’s New Year’s Resolutions for 2023

Write down your 2023 goals and plans: The Best Planners For Starting Out 2023 Right.

My planner:

2023 Planner Weekly/Monthly 8.5″x11″ Black – Day Designer $18.99 at Target

My Goals Journal:

For this post, I will cover a few goal categories you can use in 2023. I will follow up with more detailed posts on a few topics in the following weeks.

Personal Health and Habits

Personal health goals can cover a variety of things. You can set dietary goals, work on healthy habits, or have sleeping goals.

Coming soon…post about Hygge and other self-care habits

Fitness Goals

Do you want to try a new activity? Pickleball, running, hiking, biking, or yoga are just a few activities to check out.

Coming soon…post about winter activities and sports

Personal and or Social Goals

This category includes traveling, reading, creative arts, and bucket list goals.

Coming soon…posts about travel, tapping into your creative side, and finding things that make you happy.

From BuzzFeed, People Are Sharing The Habits And Routines That Positively Impacted Their Life (And None Of Them Involve Exercise)

Professional Goals

From Fast Company, How to set (and not forget) your work goals in 2023.

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